The iPhone 14 will have a completely new design

The iPhone 13 series has just been launched, but rumors about the iPhone 14 have already started coming out online. After Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared his expectations of the iPhone 14 series, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in the latest issue of his Power On newsletter gave more details about the 2022 iPhones.

Gourmet believes Apple will completely redesign the iPhone 14 series next year, adding that this year’s changes are minor and that Apple engineers are working on “bigger things” behind the scenes. As part of the redesign, Apple will release new initial and Pro iPhone models. Rumor has it that there will be no mini iPhones next year, but Apple will increase the screen size instead.

Several sources have now claimed that Apple will redesign its line of iPhone 2022. YouTuber Prosser believes that Apple will use the titanium chassis on the iPhone 14 series and give up in favor of the screen with holes. Analyst Kuo also thinks the same. He also claimed that Apple could use a 48 MP camera on iPhones in 2022.

Gourmet also talked about Apple’s foldable iPhone in the latest issue of its newsletter. While Apple is indeed working on a foldable iPhone, it is only a few years away from launch. Last week, Kuo said the launch of the foldable iPhone has been delayed at least until 2024.

Maybe as part of the redesign Apple could discard the Lightning connector on the iPhones 2022 and go to USB-C? Or will the iPhone 2022 mark the transition to an iPhone without ports?

[Via Power On]

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