The iPhone 13 ProMotion has 12 different refresh rates, 7 more than the iPad Pro

Apple’s new iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max have a significantly more advanced ProMotion screen compared to Apple’s iPad Pro.

The company has released a developer support document telling them how they can optimize their apps and content for 120Hz, confirming recent reports that developers need to add a key to the plist of their apps to be able to work fully.

The document, however, reveals that Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max have much better ProMotion screens compared to the iPad, supporting 12 different refresh rates compared to just five on the iPad.

The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max ProMotion screens can display content on the screen using the following refresh rates and times:

  • 120Hz (8ms)
  • 80Hz (12ms)
  • 60Hz (16ms)
  • 48Hz (20ms)
  • 40Hz (25ms)
  • 30Hz (33ms)
  • 24Hz (41ms)
  • 20Hz (50ms)
  • 16Hz (62ms)
  • 15Hz (66ms)
  • 12Hz (83ms)
  • 10Hz (100ms)

The iPad Pro’s ProMotion screen can display screen content using the following refresh rates and time:

  • 120Hz (8ms)
  • 60Hz (16ms)
  • 40Hz (25ms)
  • 30Hz (33ms)
  • 24Hz (41ms)

Apple first added ProMotion to the iPad back in 2017, at the time stating:

The stunning, redesigned Retina display in the iPad Pro features ProMotion, a new technology that delivers refresh rates up to 120Hz for fluid scrolling, higher response and smoother content. With ProMotion, the Apple Pencil reacts even more with the best industrial latency of 20 milliseconds for even more fluid and natural drawing. ProMotion also improves display quality and reduces power consumption by automatically adjusting the screen refresh rate according to the movement of the content.

Apple was expected to add the iPhone 12 at 120 Hz last year, but that upgrade never materialized. Fortunately, it’s now available with Apple’s new best iPhone, and it’s nice to see that Apple has made a decent upgrade to the iPhone 13 ProMotion compared to previous iterations.

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