The iOS 16 concept shows long overdue features that you will love

The iOS 16 concept recommends two different versions of running multiple tasks in parallel.
Concept: Hacker 34

Apple is no doubt working hard on iOS 16, and concept artist Kevin Kal has suggestions that many iPhone users will agree with.

He made a video to demonstrate the proposed changes, including Split View, interactive widgets and more.

The iOS 16 concept has features we hope for

Kevin Cal is a French designer with a long history of designing concepts under the name Hacker 34. “I build concepts for people who will be excited about design, and also [maybe even] to inspire Apple, ”said Cal Cult Maca.

For iOS 16, he suggests transferring Split View from iPadOS to iPhone. Two apps could stand above / below, a layout that seems practical on the 6.5-inch iPhone Max screen. Or one could float on top of the other.

Kal also recommends moving the Dock to the right edge of the screen, where it would be available at any time. And it is used for multitasking.

In addition, the iOS 16 concept includes interactive widgets, a feature once talked about for iOS 15. Currently, widgets provide quick access to useful information, but cannot be used to control the iPhone. In addition, widgets and application icons can be placed anywhere on the home screen in the proposal.

The feature that Kal may have suggested, but didn’t, is better support for landscape mode – the iOS 15 home screen doesn’t support it at all. The designer hopes for an always-on iPhone display. And icon packs so users can easily replace default app icons with the ones they prefer.

Hacker 34 sums up its iOS 16 concept by saying, “Welcome more customization with interactive widgets and icons, simpler multitasking, crypto wallet integrated into Apple Pay, always on screen with smart context, all new control center with better performance, stability and battery life.”

iOS 15 has been out for almost three months, and Apple is expected to unveil the replacement in the next five months. We’ll probably find out if the iPhone maker accepted any of Kal’s proposals at WWDC 2022 in early June.

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