The invasion becomes bloody as the alien mystery deepens [Apple TV+ recap]

Further this week Invasion, humans and aliens seem only moments away from some sort of break in their conflict, but fate will throw 18 cars between them.

The sci-fi series of Apple TV + will soon bring back fireworks in a big way. The Maliks are transferred to the Ministry of Defense, Trevante goes to the hospital with Caspar and Jamil, and Mitsuki has to think carefully about what is floating in space.

Invasion summary: ‘Contact’

In this week’s episode, called “Contact”, we finally get a flashback to courting Mitsuki (played by Shioli Kutsuna) and astronaut Hinate Murai (Rinko Kikuchi). It is a beautiful sight and hints at the discovery that Murai floats safely in space all the time (or is it?).

She finally makes contact, but U.S. military authorities aren’t convinced Murai is still talking. It could be an alien using her voice, or something. The Americans want to launch nuclear weapons, and that prospect terrifies the Japanese. But even they can’t agree on whether the voice on the other side is really hers or not.

It’s all about destiny

Meanwhile, Trevante (Shamier Anderson), who landed in London after his accidents in the Middle East, found and teamed up with Caspar (Billy Barratt) and Jamil (India Brown). They have to go to the hospital, but they have a hell of a time convincing a neurologist to cause an attack in a little boy for no reason. The reason they state – this boy can see the future – does not wash at first, but Trevante is a rather dense speech about destiny. He is a believer now – after all, if he is not here to save the world, why is he still here?

When they finally bring Caspar to an MRI ready to provoke his attack, he and Trevante agree to the heart and we learn that he too has lost his son. That makes it personal. The procedure works so well that Caspar can now get in and out of the trance and knows exactly where the aliens are and where they are going. And maybe more than that …

And there are the Maliks. The military sequesters Aneesha (the remarkable Golshifteh Farahani), Ahmed (Firas Nassar) and their children, Luke (Azhy Robertson) and Sarah (Tara Moayedi), after performing several tests using Luke’s piece of scrap metal. (They use it to kill some alien spores they’ve collected.)

Authorities don’t know what metal is or anything other than that somewhere in the mix lies the power to defeat aliens. In any case, the Maliks must all be protected, so the Pentagon is for them. Or it would be if there were no caravans of armed yahuas appearing and opening fire on them.

The truth is there

Rinko Kikuchi, who plays the lost astronaut Hinata, gets about five minutes in front of the screen in this episode, which proves that gold is worth it. The scene of seduction in which she goes to Mitsuki’s apartment for the first time and undresses her (verbally and literally) really causes the heat.

Kikuchi realized this special kind of strong, quiet, somewhat awkward operator in her bones. Every turn of the phrase packs this magnificent alpha calculus, as if it has done it before – but also as if it feels completely new. These are some of the best things Invasion he gave us more. Shioli Katsuna is doing a very good job this week as well, as her character Mitsuki reacts painfully to the opportunity to hear her lover’s voice again – and faces Americans thwarting her communication efforts.

A few words about ‘Space Oddity’

Which is good, because there’s a callback to a David Bowie poster that’s extremely valuable in language. There is got be a kind of moratorium on the use of Bowie’s classic song “Space Oddity” in the media, and the point – and especially in movies and television shows about space.

It’s a way to fool the meaning into things that weren’t so shocking a minute ago. I call it shit, but this isn’t the first time Invasion creator Simon Kinberg cheated so he could show off his iTunes playlist. Everyone always thinks that they will be the ones who will really it makes the song cult again, but it’s a boring arms race if I’ve ever seen it.

Spraying blood and other messy things

This week’s siege of the hospital is pretty great – bloody, tense and claustrophobic. Alien design makes sense and fits alien, but it’s also just not super-scary, given how constantly and without remorse absolutely to destroy everything they come across. There is more splashing of blood in this episode than before.

And there it is one more an incident in which they appear to have killed Ahmed, but I will believe it when I see him. I’m still not sure what the writers are doing with it; he never meaningfully redeemed himself for any shit he pulled on the first day of the alien invasion. So no, I don’t think they killed him. And I’m sick of writers keeping him around for faking.

All in all, despite the excitement, decent directing of the action and some wonderful performances (and the final picture of Mitsuki, which is semi-brilliant and half-scary), this week’s episode does not stand as the best job that this team is capable of.

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