The Humble Bundle is moving to game subscriptions, killing Mac support in the process

Mac players are probably familiar with Humble, a gaming service that brings together games you’ve actually heard of at a great price. However, starting next month, Humble will part ways with the Mac.

My 9to5Google colleague Kyle Bradshaw explained what Humble was doing a few years ago:

If you’re unfamiliar with the Humble Bundle, the basic concept is that game developers – and more recently both authors and software developers – contribute their work to the pay package as much as you want for charity. When you buy a package, you set the price you are willing to pay and choose how much your purchase price goes to each of the particular charities or game developers.

A new idea and a great way to feel good when buying Mac games, right? As Ars Technica reports, however, support for the Mac by Humble is not long for this world. The company is shifting its business model from the way it has always worked to – you guessed it – a subscription service.

Honestly, this is probably a really smart and positive move by Humble. Game subscription services are being enjoyed and expected these days. Even Apple has its Arcade service of $ 4.99 per month for headlines without ads.

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Unfortunately, Humble will not enter the bold new world of monthly subscriptions with Mac support. Starting Feb. 1, Humble will require a new game management client through its newly launched subscription service. The problem is that it only works on Windows.

And who can blame them? PC gaming subscription service must make Windows support a priority over Mac and Linux, even if it means saying goodbye to loyal customers. For Windows users, the new Humble Bundle includes access to 10 PC games per month for $ 12 per month. Unlike Apple’s Arcade service, subscribers own games added while subscribing for life, even if you cancel your plan.

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