The ‘high power mode’ for Macs mentioned in the latest beta version of macOS Monterey

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The latest beta version of the developer for macOS Monterey points to “High Power Mode”.

As reported by 9to5Mac, the code found inside. macOS Monterey beta 8 contains a reference to a new feature, which would work the opposite of low power mode.

The first references to “Pro Mode” were found in macOS Catalina 10.15.3. Internal macOS code described this option as something to speed up application operation, while warning of reduced battery life and increased fan noise. This feature has never been available to users, and all references have been removed from the macOS Monterey beta – so far.

9to5Mac has now found references to the new “High Power Mode” added to macOS Monterey beta 8, which was released to developers earlier today. Although “Low Power Mode” already exists and reduces the performance of Mac laptops to save battery, “High Power Mode” is expected to do the opposite by allowing users to run applications at full performance even when the Mac is not plugged in.

“High Power Mode” could allow MacBook Air and MacBook Pro users to clock the CPU and GPU at maximum performance, regardless of battery life. This would be a useful feature for those who need to improve performance for demanding tasks.

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It would be interesting to see how this “Pro Mode” would work in Apple’s Mac line, especially since the M1 MacBook Air completely removed the fans from the Mac. The MacBook Pro models are currently the only laptops with fans.

It could also be a feature reserved for Apple’s 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro refreshments that are expected to be released at the October event. The new Macs are expected to feature an M1X processor, an upgraded version of the M1 chip released last year.

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