The headless ‘SlaBook Pro’ or ‘MacStein’ still lives next to the external monitor [Setups]

Have you ever wondered what to do if you damage your laptop screen? If you don’t have insurance or a warranty, is it an easy time to put your laptop on vacation? No. Not necessarily. The rest of the body of that laptop can be resuscitated as a creature from Frankenstein – just more productive, as you would expect from a Mac whose time has not yet come. Call it “SlaBook” or maybe “MacStein”.

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Redditor UsedBee4306 demonstrated this in his post “SlaBook Pro”. When you first see familiar hardware that is not known in the photo, the question definitely arises “wait, what the hell?” moment. You don’t have to remove the MacBook screen to start the machine with an external monitor, but it’s kind of cool.

“It looks like an old Atari computer,” said one Redditor. “Amiga vibration,” another interjected.

As one grateful commentator stated: “I will save this post. From today onwards, if I ever see a picture of a MacBook with a broken hinge or screen and the question of how to fix it, I’ll just share a link to this post. I love it!”

SlaBook Pro

UsedBee4306, which we will only call Bee, described their efforts in a direct way. They saw the tutorial on

“It’s about a few screws and cables, simply,” they said, while admitting that they had abolished the term “SlaBook” from another post on Reddit. They used a USB Wi-Fi adapter to connect the screen and a Bluetooth USB adapter to connect the Magic Mouse, they said. That way they don’t have to rely on Ethernet to connect for anything it takes for the display assembly to work, they noted.

And the screen of their MBP apparently died a slow, flickering death. “Well [it’s] a quick way to get rid of epilepsy from the MacBook display because it was flickering, ”Bee said. Maybe they just threw him out of misery and cut him off like a limb with a festering wound.

Bee indicated that they really intend to fix the laptop. This Frankenstein monster is only a temporary step so they can continue to use the computer. They wait to get the connector before attaching the display panel again.

Easier to do with older MBP models

Bee’s 15-inch MacBook Pro dates back to 2008, a fairly old model that’s relatively easy to work with. Newer ones are a little more complicated.

“The 2017 MacBook Pro has 20+ screws before the screen turns off. Something more than they were, “said the commentator.

“Oh, well I did the same for 2011 and now ’08, a very simple process at least on old models,” Bee replied.

But their 2008 MPB is “pretty slow with all the upgrades,” they added.

“This is sacrilege, isn’t it?” the commentator asked, seeming to grasp the vibration of Dr. Victor Frankenstein-playing God-and-creating-abomination.

“Maybe haha,” Bee replied.

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