The Google Pixel update brings time-saving enhancements to newer and older models

Google has introduced a series of updates to help owners of older Pixel and newest Pixel 6 devices. For starters, the Pixel 6 Pro gets UWB (Ultra-Broadband) capability, allowing you to quickly share photos and other files with Nearby Share. As mentioned earlier, Pixel 6 and 6 Pro users will also receive a digital car key function that allows you to unlock and launch selected BMW models.

Other features will appeal to a wider group. The Quick Tap to Snap feature allows Pixel 4a 5G and older users to access Snapchat directly from their locked screens by double-tapping the back of the phone, for starters. Until now, this feature was only available on Pixel 6.

Meanwhile, Pixel 3 or later smartphones will now be able to adjust how long they hold the power button to activate Google Assistant. This feature allows you to avoid accidentally activating the Assistant when you are just trying to, say, turn off the phone. Another key feature for Pixel 3 (and newer) owners is the Bass Slider, which allows you to double the bass range available for Pixel Buds A series headphones, now from -1 to +4.

Google extends crash detection to Taiwan, Italy, and France, allowing you to automatically send your location and details to emergency services when a crash is detected. A “Now Playing” feature has been added that allows you to discover a song and quickly add it to your favorites. Finally, Google has added new languages, including Japanese, French and German, which can be transcribed in the recording app. All of these features are now being introduced on Pixel devices.

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