The Google Photos folder for Pixel phones comes with iOS

Google Photos users on iPhone and iPad will soon be able to lock their most sensitive images in a special password-protected folder, thanks to a new feature that comes with the iOS app (via The Verge).

Currently exclusive to Pixel phones, the privacy-locked folder feature allows users to store photos and videos in the app in a separate space that requires an access code or fingerprint to access.

The media stored in the folder remains hidden, which means that sensitive photos do not appear while users scroll through their Google Photos or any other application on their device. Google says this feature is coming to iOS “early next year”.

Importantly, or at least as it currently works on Pixel phones, all backups of cloud items that are in a locked folder are automatically deleted from Google’s servers.

Google declares its photo and video backup service a “safe home for memories of life,” thanks to “world-class security” and the encryption it uses “to protect the photos you back up or share.”

Despite these safeguards, Google was forced to contact about 100,000 users last year to inform them that some of their private videos made on its servers were accidentally sent to strangers due to a “technical problem”.

Apple still doesn’t offer an equivalent feature, and that’s its original Photos app for iOS. It includes the option to hide certain photos from the main library in a “Hidden” folder that can literally be hidden in the Photos app, but even so, the album can still be seen when the image picker is used in third-party apps. , so that it is not completely invisible to prying eyes.

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