The future iPad Pro could feature a horizontal Apple logo and rear cameras

A new rumor surrounding the future iPad Pro claims that Apple seemingly wants people to use the device in landscape mode by default. To that end, the company could switch to a horizontal camera placement and a horizontal Apple logo on the back.

Leaker Dylan says that while it has not confirmed whether these changes will be part of the 2022 new generation iPad Pro refresh or not, but it is “in action”.

The Apple logo and camera on the back of the iPad Pro are currently placed in a vertical position. However, Apple has made some changes in recent years, including changing the orientation of the Apple launch logo to landscape.

The move could lead Apple to make other changes to the iPad Pro’s design, including changing the position of the face identification scanner. Currently, the scanner is placed on the top cover when the device is held vertically.

By switching to landscape orientation, Apple will be able to make better use of iPad Pro screen properties that could help launch multiple apps at once.

Again, it’s not clear whether these changes will come to the iPad Pro in 2022 or not. Apple is expected to unveil a new design language for the iPad Pro next year, including a switch to the rear window. This could potentially allow the company to enable reverse wireless charging, so they could charge their iPhone or AirPods wirelessly using their iPad Pro.

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