The framed iPhone Grid Studio is disassembled in a box [Review]

I own two original iPhones. One sits in a trash can, untouched and unloved for many years.

The other has been carefully disassembled and the parts folded into a beautiful black frame that hangs on the wall of my office. Made by Grid Studio, Grid 1 is my personal iPhone that disassembles in a box.

Grid Studio’s Grid 1 review

Framed iPhone parts from Grid Studio.
Photo: Leander Kahney / Cult of Mac

All original parts

This first generation iPhone is an original phone that is broken, and the parts are carefully arranged in a 13 x 13 inch frame. Grid Studio marked the parts, with some key measures displayed on plain white background.

All major components are there except the battery, left out as it can swell, leak and possibly explode. It is simply not suitable for long-term archiving.

There’s a camera module, which looks outdated compared to modern iPhone cameras with their own small hole.

Here’s a surprisingly complicated phone chassis and its aluminum back panel with a shiny Apple logo. The lower part of the back panel is plastic, so as not to block mobile and Wi-Fi signals.

And here is the main logic board with the Apple branded chip in front and in the middle. The chip is an APL0098 chip: a 32-bit, single-core RISC ARM chip manufactured by Samsung. It’s the great-great-great-great-grandfather of today’s Apple silicone.

Just look at that huge SIM card slot

Framed original iPhone parts from Grid Studio: The SIM slot is surprisingly large.
The SIM slot is surprisingly large.
Photo: Leander Kahney / Cult of Mac

The biggest surprise is the SIM card slot, which looks huge. Back in the dark days of 2007, the SIM card was one of the largest internal components of the iPhone (apart from the screen).

And what is this? Headphone jack? I almost forgot that iPhones have them (and that the original iPhone had a bizarrely recessed socket that could only accommodate Apple wired headphones).

Steve Jobs ’signature is reproduced at the bottom of the frame, accompanied by his famous quote“ crazy ”.

Framed iPhone Parts from Grid Studio Grid1: The original iPhone camera module was only 2 megapixels.
The original camera module for the iPhone had only 2 megapixels.
Photo: Leander Kahney / Cult of Mac

Grid Studio works more than the iPhone

Grid 1 is a limited edition. (Grid Studio says it will only produce 999 units.) But this is just one of several framed iPhone models offered by the company. Grid Studio has framed most of Apple’s iPhones, including the iPhone X, iPhone 5S, iPhone 8 and more. It also offers various models of Apple Watch, Nintendo Game Boy, Sony PlayStation Portable and Samsung Galaxy S.

Prices vary depending on the importance and rarity of the device. The original iPhone, for example, costs $ 599. (It’s $ 399 on sale, but it’s currently sold out.) Most iPhones cost between $ 139 and $ 169.

All in all, it’s a handy piece of decorative technological art.

What better fate for a cult gadget than to end up in a frame and be shown as a butterfly?

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