The food download feature on Google Maps is expanding to 2,000 U.S. stores

Google today brings a bunch of updates to Maps this holiday season, making the app more useful to navigate while shopping for gifts or groceries. Most of the new features are either already announced or available in limited regions, such as the integration of grocery shopping at select Fred Meyers stores in Oregon. Now, after that pilot test, the Google Maps Pickup is available in over 2,000 stores in the U.S. from the Kroger Family, including Kroger, Fry’s, Ralphs, and Marianos.

This means that when you shop at a participating store through its website, you will be able to track the status of your order on Maps, share your ETA with the store, and notify them when you arrive. According to Google, people who use the Maps download “usually wait less than five minutes for their groceries.”

The company also adds Area Busyness to Maps, which is similar to the existing chart you’ll see in Google search results for restaurants, businesses, and popular attractions. It is also reminiscent of a feature launched earlier this year, which allows Maps users to see how crowded certain trains or buses are in real time. With Area Busyness, you can check how many people are in a particular neighborhood, as well as individual “restaurants, shops, and recreational places (like museums) within it,” Google says. It will be available globally for Android and iOS.


In the U.S., Google wants to help budget-conscious people sharpen their restaurant search results by offering a price range based on contributions from other Map users. You will see how much a meal usually costs in each establishment, for example $ 10 to $ 20, and the number of people on whom that estimate is based. You can also touch the details to see how many people have submitted a price range, just as you would see the number of reviewers who rated a product once, two, three, four or five stars on most shopping sites.

You can add your own feedback on how much you paid at each location, and Google also makes it easy to add information such as whether there are outdoor seats in your reviews, the ability to pick up and deliver.

Finally, the company brings the Phonebook tab to Android and iOS for all airports, shopping malls and transit stations around the world. In the past, this has been selectively available in the more information section of specific malls or businesses. Now, “once we have this information available,” Google said, you’ll be able to get detailed information about the types of stores in the building, such as parking lots, airline lounges, toy stores or clothing stores, and see a list of stores in each category. It will also display opening hours, store ratings and the floor on which they are located.

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