The Finn blew up a Tesla car instead of replacing the battery

The 2013 Tesla Model S is decorated with 66 pounds of dynamite.

There are times in life when you have to choose between paying a bunch of money or watching a very big bang. Well, not really, but Finn Tuomas Katainen certainly did. It’s Katainen owner of the 2013 Tesla Model S who was told he would have to pay more than $ 22,600 to replace the battery on his car. For him, obviously it wasn’t worth it, so he decided team up with YouTube to blow up his Model S with 66 pounds (30 kilograms) of dynamite instead.

According to Katainen, his Model S ran “excellent” for the first 932 miles (1,500 kilometers) after he bought it, but then error codes began to appear. He sent his car to a Tesla dealer’s workshop, where he stayed for about a month, and was told there was nothing he could do for his car. His only option would be to replace the entire battery, which would cost more than $ 22,600, and he would have to seek permission from Tesla to repair it.

To put this into perspective, $ 22,600 would mean a lot to buy another used 2013 S model in Finland, which seems to be selling for more than $ 42,900. But Katainen decides that this is not for him, proving that there really is a fine line between logic, anger and madness.

“So I told them I was coming for Tesla,” he said in the video. “Now I’m going to blow up the whole car.”

To carry out his master plan, Katainen enlisted the help of YouTube Bomb guys, which roughly translates as “Bomb Dudes”, according to Google Translate. (Whether this is an accurate translation or not, it seems appropriate given that Pommijätkät likes things to explode).

While blowing up a car with dynamite may sound like fun, it’s not an easy task. Katainen and Pommijätkät launched an operation at a quarry in Jaala, a small rural town in southern Finland. The group had to take into account factors such as explosives’a huge wave of pressure and the direction in which the explosion would go to ensure safety.

In a fascinating video, which shows a doll of Tesla director Elon Musk falling from a helicopter and ending with a big explosion of Katainen’s Model S, Pommijätkät asks Katainen what is better: working Tesla or a car explosion with 66 pounds of dynamite?

“In a way, both,” he said. “Maybe more explosions.”

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