The fall of Usher Mike Flanagan Poe’s house on Netflix

Trevor Macy and Mike Flanagan pose next to a "Mass at midnight" poster at a special screening at the San Vicente Bungalows in California.

Mike Flanagan (right) and Intrepid Pictures partner Trevor Macy (left) attend a screening of Flanagan’s latest Netflix series, Mass at midnight.
Photography: Rachel Murray (Getty Images))

The Flanagan Cinematic Boo-universe continues to expand on Netflix. Aafter his latest television series, Mass at midnight, the streamer has announced Flanagan’s participation in two more terrible works.

Netflix said that today Flanagan’s next project for the company will be previously announced Midnight clubdirector and production company Trevor Macy Intrepid Pictures’ adaptation of the eponymous novel by Christopher Pike from 1994. Series will include several other Pike horror novels from YA, weaving a story about a group of terminally ill children in a hospital who gathers at midnight to tell each other spooky stories. After making a pact that the first of their group will try to reach the remaining children outside the grave, they find themselves push into events stranger and scarier than even their worst stories could have imagined.

But that’s not all Flanagan intends – Netflix also announced the the director is next the project will be withdrawn in classical spooky literature s The fall of the commander’s house. Much like him Hauntings, it will be an a limited series of eight episodes that Flanagan will executive produce and co-direct (four episodes will be directed his longtime associate and For all the boys sequel directors Michael Fimognari). The new series, as the title implies, is an adaptation of several iconic works of Gothic prose and poetry by the author Edgar Allen Poe. It is named after a short story from 1839, which revolves around an unnamed narrator invited by sick brothers and sisters Roderick and Madeline to the Usher family estate – only to uncover the great stories of the haunted feelings of the House and the slow descent of the Usher brothers and sisters. hysteria. The story was famously adapted in 1960 Usher House, directed by Roger Corman and plays a single one Vincent Price.

What will only other works from Poe’s catalog Flanagan and Fimognari be used for? The fall of the commander’s house remains to be seen, but suffice it to say that the director will be quite busy delivering the ghost cafe to Netflix in the foreseeable future.

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