The FAA will give Bezos and Branson the last astronaut wings

Whether the average person considers Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson space explorers after their joyous journeys in the upper atmosphere, they and their crew members met the criteria of the Federal Aviation Administration “Astronauts”. They even give them small medals! And they will be the last of their kind ever produced.

The administration announced today the sudden termination of its program of commercial space astronaut wings. Recipients for 2021 include Bezos and Branson Star Trek actor William Shatner; since its founding in 2004, 24 individuals have received the honor, 15 of whom received their wings this year. Starting January 1, 2022, those who would otherwise qualify for the wings will be recognized only on the FAA website.

“The Wings program has been created […] to pay tribute to the pilots and flight crew who supported the FAA’s mission to promote the development of vehicles designed to carry people into space, “the FAA wrote.” With three commercial space companies now licensed by the FAA to fly space flight participants, and companies conducting operations, [program creator Patti Grace Smith’s] the vision is largely fulfilled. “

The ego’s journey 50 miles up is, without a doubt, significantly different from spending time on the ISS or landing on the moon. So while some might be disgusted to see two guys who already have it all claiming that space travel souvenirs are soon extinct, keep in mind that this is one of many similar balls. Astronauts can still be assigned different wings that look more beautiful from each branch of the army, in three different degrees. NASA also produces non-military needles for astronauts and special needles for civilians participating in missions. If nothing else, the refusal to donate trifles for scientifically pointless environmental pollution exercises suggests that human respect for real space travel remains untainted.

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