The Eve Room air monitor gets improved support for HomeKit and Wi-Fi

The Eve Room air quality monitor for HomeKit now supports the Thread standard.
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Eve Systems announced on Tuesday that its third-generation Eve Room air quality monitor for HomeKit now supports the Thread standard for home automation connectivity. This should improve its response compared to HomeKit and Wi-Fi.

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This latest version of Eve Room retains the functionality and design of its predecessor. Its small, 2.1 x 2.1 inch case has an anodized outer frame and features a 200 x 200 pixel e-ink display.

Eve Room Features

Eve Room measures the temperature, humidity in your home and the levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Works exclusively with Apple HomeKit. It now communicates via Thread when available, but returns to Bluetooth when needed. Eve said that the built-in battery of the device lasts for six weeks with one charge via micro USB.

“Thread has been a spectacular success for us, and in the not-too-distant future the Thread network in your home will be as common as Wi-Fi,” says Jerome Gackel, CEO of Eve Systems. If you buy an Eve product with Thread, such as Eve Room, you make a sustainable choice that is safe for the future, because Thread is one of the originally supported standards in Matter, a common protocol supported by Apple, Google, Amazon, SmartThings / Samsung, Eve and many others.

Key features

  • Monitor VOC concentration, temperature and humidity levels.
  • Detect harmful VOC levels and send alerts via the Eve and Home apps.
  • Follow the readings on the high-contrast e-ink display or your iPhone in the Eve or Home app.
  • Automatically joins your Thread network / supports Bluetooth and Thread.
  • You don’t need a bridge or a gate.

Support for Eve and Thread

Eve Room joins several other Eve products in adopting Thread standards. These include Eve Energy, Eve Door & Window and Eve Aqua.

Thread is a new smart home connectivity standard that establishes a low-energy network, a self-healing and efficient battery network among home automation products. Apple supports Thread with its HomePod mini and Apple TV 4K.

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