The doctor uses an iPhone 13 Pro camera to take macro images of the patient’s eyes

A doctor from San Diego has discovered that the macro mode of operation on Apple’s new iPhone 13 Pro models could be useful in monitoring and treating eye conditions.

In a post on LinkedIn on Wednesday, Dr. Tommy Korn, who is an ophthalmologist and digital health innovation expert at Sharp Healthcare in San Diego, said he uses the iPhone 13 Pro Max to capture macro images of a patient’s eyes.

Korn added that he was “impressed” by the camera’s performance. The eye specialist added that the iPhone 13 Pro Max could “innovate patient eye care and telemedicine,” and said he was looking forward to seeing where the technology was going.

Dr. Korn also shared several pictures of the iPhone 13 Pro Max used during the treatment of one of his patients being treated for dissolving abrasion during a corneal transplant. The iPhone was used to capture images that track the patient’s recovery.

Dr. Korn uses the iPhone 13 Pro to take pictures of the patient’s eyes. Credits: Dr. Tommy Korn

In a comment on Korn’s post, optometrist Dr. Jeffrey Lewis also said the camera for the iPhone 13 Pro Max could be “another way to impress, manage and nurture long-term relationships with our patients”.

“PS: this ‘Pro Camera’ includes a phone app!” Dr. Korn joked.

Apple’s way of macro photography on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max has been dubbed “the most powerful advancement in the camera system”. Instead of using an optional lens or other components, macro mode uses computer photography to take your close-up shots.

This is not the first time that an Apple product has been used in medical or healthcare applications. Earlier in September, for example, the crew of the SpaceX Inspiration4 mission used an Apple Watch and iPhone to conduct research on the impact of space flight on the human body.

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