The disintegration of the iPhone 13 Pro reveals a massive battery, a stronger array of cameras

An iFixit repair specialist carried out the usual crash of Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro, with an initial report highlighting the phone’s massive battery, a revamped TrueDepth camera, and minor changes to the phone’s interior look.

Like the iPhone 13, and many previous models, the iPhone 13 Pro is sealed with glue, and its display cables are repositioned on the left side of the chassis. These cables are connected to a chunky logic board that has been moved up in the case to accommodate an L-shaped battery, a design borrowed from the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The 2,095 mAh cell was rated at 11.97 watt-hours with a measured capacity of 12.11Wh, according to iFixit. This compares to the 10.78 Wh battery found in last year’s iPhone 12 Pro. The repair expert notes that the battery of the iPhone 13 Pro can be replaced, but this will cause a warning about the warning against the use of ersatz parts.

To reduce the size of the iPhone’s “notch”, this year’s TrueDepth range features a compact design that combines a floodlight and a dot projector in a single module located between the front color and the IR camera. Unlike in 2020, Apple attached a part of the handset screen instead of its part. The shape of the speakers changes from a rectangle to a square, although it is unlikely that the change will affect the sound quality.

On the back, the iPhone 13 Pro’s triple camera range is larger than that of the iPhone 12 Pro, which probably represents a bigger and better wide-angle camera, a new telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom and a faster ultra-wide autofocus module.

A closer look at the logic board and nearby interiors reveals a combination of digitizer and display cable, which connects the redesigned sensor cable. In previous iPhones, the digitizer and display cables were separate parts that required separate connectors. This year’s iPhone also includes tagging on the A15 Bionic processor shield.

Finally, the Taptic Engine in the iPhone 13 Pro looks smaller than the iPhone 12 Pro, but iFixit measured the device with haptic feedback at 6.3 grams and 869.4 mm3. This can be compared to 4.8 grams and 764.27 mm3 on 12 Dec.

A more comprehensive report that includes testing the TrueDepth sensor, logic board and parts replacement is expected in the coming days.

Earlier today, the demolition of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 of the German company revealed larger batteries and a major redesign of components such as diagonally placed rear camera modules and a smaller Taptic Engine.

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