The disassembly of the new MacBook Pro reveals major internal upgrades

iFixit has announced the usual disassembly of the new MacBook Pro (2021), revealing some major internal changes that make it easier to repair the device.

The opening of the new MacBook Pro reveals some changes in battery and screen replacement that will make the new device much easier to repair:

You always want to start by turning off the battery – if you can figure out how. After a little research operation, we found the battery terminal hidden under a large trackpad cable. From there, we would usually leave the battery for last, because removing the recent MacBook Pro batteries requires endless patience, a bottle of isopropyl alcohol, and an optional bottle of alcohol suitable for humans. But as we peek into the womb, we notice something unexpected. The wind carries a three-word whisper, a quiet excuse that makes our hair stand on end: tabs to pull the battery.

iFixit notes that the flexible cables that connect the screen to the rest of the MacBook have been redesigned “with approximately 100% more looseness,” hopefully the flexgate issues are over. The screen is also easier to replace with fewer screws, springs and cables and without special displays. However, iFixit did not say that using DIY screen replacement would prevent True Tone from working.

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Of course, Apple’s system on the M1 Pro and M1 Max chip designs means upgrades and replacements will be difficult (or impossible) when it comes to things like RAM and storage, but it notes that Apple’s performance and battery life are great good in its to the new best MacBook that “it’s possible you can’t get anything like this from a socket design.”

The MacBook Pro still has only 4/10 of the iFixit for repairability, mostly because it has soldered, stationary storage, but the iFixit says the new design is “a big shift in the right direction.”

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