The Device Therapy bike carrier hides the AirTag in the spotlight

The bike carrier and reflector for device therapy gives you a place to hide the Apple AirTag tracker. With this combination, you can (hopefully) track the location of your bike if it is stolen because millions of iPhones around the world can report the location of your lost item.

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Inspection of bicycle carriers and reflectors for device therapy

Hide the AirTag on your bike and you may have a better attempt to get it back if it is stolen. Apple’s item tracking tool hasn’t been around for a long time, but there is already at least one report that it is being used to return a stolen bike to its owner. A bicycle filmed on July 4 in Boston was allegedly found by police.

In that case, the AirTag was removed and discarded. Fortunately, a bicycle was found nearby. With a bike carrier and reflector for device therapy, the AirTag is actually attached to the bike.

Hardware and design

The device therapy bracket and reflector for device therapy is available with red or white reflective material.
Photo: Ed Hardy / Cult of Mac

This accessory is primarily a cylindrical holder for AirTag made of bioplastics of plant origin. It opens with a threaded cap, and the tracker fits snugly inside. The case seals well to prevent weather conditions, but this is not very important as the AirTag itself is resistant to splashes, water and dust (IP67).

Device Therapy sets up reflective material of 3M diamond quality — the same things used for traffic signs — on the one hand. It doesn’t just look like a spotlight. It is reflector.

You have a choice of red or white reflective material on a black or white holster that fits your bike.

The bracket and reflector for the therapy of the fastening device are fastened with a standard tie which cannot be easily removed after closing. During testing, I discovered that there is a strong connection. The only way to remove the object is to cut the zipper. But the idea here is that a thief won’t do it because they’ll think it’s a simple spotlight. Sure it seems as a reflector.

Just to avoid confusion, this accessory does not come with the AirTag. Sold separately ($ 29).

Place the AirTag in the bike carrier and reflector for device therapy
Unscrew the back of the device therapy bracket and reflector, insert the AirTag and close the housing. Then fasten with a standard tie with a zipper.
Photo: Ed Hardy / Cult of Mac

Bicycle carrier performance for device and reflector therapy

The reason you hide the AirTag on your bike is that the tracker can find almost any iPhone via Bluetooth. And that iPhone will then automatically (and anonymously) inform you where your lost / stolen item is. So if your bike gets stronger, you can find it later.

But there are a few caveats here. Apple’s tracking system depends on the iPhone getting quite close to the AirTag. Both the carrier and the reflector for the bicycles slightly reduce the distance because the wireless connection has to pass through the bioplastic housing. In my testing, I was able to establish contact between the AirTag and the iPhone at about 75 feet in the Device Therapy bike’s headlight. That’s less than the usual 100 feet or more. The walls further reduce the connection distance.

Also, if the thief has an iPhone, they will eventually be notified to be tracked by AirTag. Apple has created a system for finding lost items, not stolen ones.

Most importantly, if you are notified of the location of your stolen bike, do not try to collect it yourself. Talk to the police. Take as an experience the experience of the guy from Boston mentioned earlier.

Final thoughts on the bike carrier and reflector for device therapy

This is a simple product, but it does exactly what it intended. You can easily attach the AirTag to your bike and firmly hope that the thief will not notice that the tracker is there.


The price is about as low as one might have hoped. You can order the device therapy bike holder and reflector at the Cult Mac Store for just $ 15.99.

Device Therapy gave Cult Mac a unit to review this article. See our review policy and other detailed reviews of Apple-related items. We originally published this review on July 28, 2021.

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