The “death star” of the Mac Pro and the “worst” MacBook are launching global IT operations [Setups]

Reader and technologist Andrew (last name redacted, so to speak) runs the boutique AV, IT [and] a home office cyber integration company ”in London – although it supports sites around the world. Clearly he has a lot of work to do.

And he does it using a Mac 2013 from late 2013, which he gladly said should be on Death Star Star Wars, plus the 2017 MacBook Pro he described Cult Maca as “perhaps the worst constructed laptop I’ve ever had.”

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‘Death Star’ Mac Pro and ‘Worst’ MacBook Pro

In addition to the Mac, it uses an Alienware Area 51 laptop with an i7 Intel Core processor.

Leading a far-reaching technology business from home in England, Andrew said he should use his computer settings to program the system, create and edit large graphics files and technical drawings, present at webinars, video conferences, remote support for sites around the world and run things from day to day.

“There is an expectation as a technician that I have the best audio-video in conversations and that my equipment is never a problem,” he said.

He may increase this challenge a bit by using older equipment, although he is planning some updates. Anyway, he wanted a setting that seamlessly connects to the 2017 15-inch MacBook Pro he uses when he’s not in the office, especially for watching videos and listening to music.

He described the laptop as “always full of dust and suffering from butterfly-shaped keyboard smudges and orange smudges on the monitor … it’s perhaps the worst designed laptop I’ve ever owned.”

And so it may soon be investing in a MacBook with M1 drive. When he does, he expects to go to a higher end.

“Every M1 I get will be a MAX, probably with a little extra RAM – no one has ever complained that their computer is too fast,” he said. “I also think that in 3 [or] 4 years, after several OS upgrades, additional performance will make it more usable. ”

In this view, you see both the Alienware laptop and the frustrating MacBook Pro, right, behind which stands the Mac Pro.
Photo: Andrew-UK

Mac mini M1 Max? Yes please.

But his roughly five-year-old MacBook is as fresh as the morning dew relative to his desktop, the late 2013 2013 “Death Star” trash can, which he’d love to replace with something we’d all like to see Apple Products. And the sooner the better.

“I’ve always liked the design aesthetics of this particular Mac Pro – it always looked like it belonged to a death star,” he said. “However, once I have it, I realize that there is no good way to manage cables and show it as such. One day I could fix this or Apple could just release the Mac mini M1 Max, which would work very well as a replacement. ”

I really would. People love their Mac mini, and it seems like a super-loaded would do well instead of an old trash can.

A short-term upgrade could be the acquisition of a Speed ​​Designs Pro cooling base for the Mac Pro to address the issues.

“The cooling base is a proactive add-on and, hopefully, can bypass the inherent GPU issues,” he said. “I haven’t had any problems in the 2 plus years I’ve had a Mac Pro, but you never know.”

Various and various pluses and minuses

Cable and dust plagues

Meanwhile, Andrew said, cable management remains a nightmare as well as dust.

“Everything is periodically turned off and reconnected to try to tidy things up,” he said. “Dust is another nightmare on my desk, the Mac Pro had to be lifted to come off the table level because it was always full of dust.”

You love these Logitech input devices

Andrew, on the other hand, is pleased with his Logitech MX input devices – the ever-popular MX Keys keyboard and MX Master 3 mouse. They help him switch between his Apple machines and laptops.

“I’m not going to go back to Apple’s keyboards and mice after I get the MX devices, and I especially like the way Logitech Flow works between the Mac Pro and the Alienware laptop.”

Logitech Brio webcam and Elgato ring light

Getting to the right webcam also required a lot of work, but he’s happy with what he has now, even though his setup with the Elgato ring light was problematic.

“I went through a number of webcams (Logitech 1080, Razer Kiyo) to get to this particular one, even though it’s set to ring light now a little too high,” he remarked.

Here you see the AirPods Max headphones on their charging cradle.
Here you see the AirPods Max headphones on their Satechi USB stand, the Elgato Stream Deck and the bulldog from the James Bond movie franchise – a fixture on M’s desk.
Photo: Andrew-UK

From a large to a larger curved monitor?

He is too mostly happy with its 34-inch Samsung curved monitor, but no wholly happy.

“However, I like the curved monitor, [I] i hate that this model can’t be mounted on the arm or bracket because it doesn’t have a vest bracket. This is a very annoying omission on the part of Samsung. Now that I’m used to it, I want something bigger. “

The bigger screen he’s thinking about is the 38-inch Alienware curved monitor, which sounds like a cute upgrade.

Comfort all day and relaxation at the end of the day

Andrew said the most important purchase he made for his lineup was his Herman Miller Classic Aeron chair. He described it as super comfortable.

“[It] it allows me to spend the whole day at my desk if needed, ”he said.

Last but not least, the right sound is needed to set up your computer. Andrew said he chose his Bang & Olufsen speakers because of their size and shape, but he has a change in mind.

“[I] they still like them very much, but now I am looking for more, ”he said. “Something I can really listen to in my office at the end of the day with G&T. If 2022 is kind to me, I would love to upgrade them to the L-Acoustics Creations Fiji 2.1 speaker system. Although my wife, children and neighbors might have something to say about it. ”

Below you can see all of Andrew’s equipment, including his desired upgrades.

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External screen:

Input devices:

Audio and video:


Junctions and docks and power supply:

Accessories and furniture:

Future upgrades:

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