The day of rush during the presentation of the iPhone 13 was led by a stampede in the Chinese shopping center

Demand for the Apple iPhone 13 is the greatest historical strength since its launch. However, things went badly in a Chinese mall where sales of the iPhone 13 had to be halted due to a stampede.

When the iPhone 13 was released on Friday, people around the world were standing in lines in front of stores, but for one retail location in a mall in China’s Shaanxi province, things were different.

In a video posted on Twitter, thousands of people were seen standing in line on the escalator leading to the phone shop at Seg International Mall, exactly when it opened at 10 p.m.

The store is reportedly not an official Apple outlet because it is not on Apple’s regional retail list. The video showed that the store was probably an independent retailer that, in addition to kiosks for other smartphone manufacturers, had a store only for Apple.

The ensuing stampede forced the store to close sales on the very day of the launch. Customers were instructed to return on Saturday, so the retailer had more time to prepare for the crowd.

It is not strange for us to witness the phenomenal reactions of the masses on the first day of the sale of Apple products. However, in most cases, people maintain order. What is your experience with buying an iPhone 13? Are store crowds just another reason you prefer to shop online?

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