The D’Amelio sisters are once again leading the TikTok list of the best earners in 2021.

Want to better manage TikTok and the content that resonates on the platform?

Checking out those who earn the most in the app could be a good starting point, and the most popular TikTok stars earn millions of dollars based on their trendy content in the app.

Of course, many of TikTok’s greatest creators have now become celebrities in a broader sense and generate revenue outside the platform itself, but Forbes’ latest list of TikTok’s highest-earning stars provides a good overview of where you should look.

The extra compiled a Forbes list into a visual below.

Charlie D’Amelio earned the most in 2021, earning $ 17.5 million through support, offers for TV shows and clothing lines, among other projects.

And while D’Amelio is expanding with new forms of content, her dance videos remain the most popular among her clips and regularly see a number of views above 40m.

D’Amelio’s sister Dixie also maintained her popularity in the app – although her most-watched footage of the year was actually a video of her sister.

That clip has generated 73 million views and more.

Whatever D’Amelio is doing, they are obviously doing something right, and while some have questioned the impact that TikTok fame has had on their lifestyle, after seeing it shown on the TV series ‘The D’Amelio Show’, their application popularity lasts for another year.

Addison Rae, who made the leap into film acting for Netflix this year, took third place on the Forbes list.

That video exceeded 96 million views. Make it what you want.

Bella Poarch has also expanded her presence outside of TikTok, as her singing career has reached new heights, while Josh Richards is the only man on the TikTok list of top earners.

Okay, you may not be able to make the same types of clips as top stars and generate the same level of interest, but it’s interesting to note how these creators see success on the platform and which types of clips resonate with TikTok audiences.

The biggest general trend on TikTok is participatory meme content. For years, memes have been a key means of communication and networking, and TikTok has made it easier for anyone to contribute to these trends, with their own views on trendy content formats and styles, allowing more interaction around it.

The best example here is a clip by Josh Richards, and from a planning standpoint, it might be the best way to create, align your TikTok content with related trends, or create content that matches the same type of presentation style – simple, to the point, product in use, etc. .

Building original, platform-specific content for TikTok is the best way to succeed, and while you may not necessarily be able to use trendy dances, much can be learned from how these top creators arouse interest.

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