The creepy humanoid robo-artist gives a public performance of his own poetry generated by artificial intelligence

Ai-Da, a humanoid robot controlled by artificial intelligence, is seen here as part of an exhibition at the Great Pyramids of Giza on October 23, 2021 in Cairo, Egypt.

Ai-Da, a humanoid robot controlled by artificial intelligence, is seen here as part of an exhibition at the Great Pyramids of Giza on October 23, 2021 in Cairo, Egypt.
Photography: Sima Diab (Getty Images)

When people worry that robots will come to take their jobs, I think “poet” is not what they had in mind. Enter Ai-Da, a very realistic robot guided by artificial intelligence, firmly rooted in a wondrous valley that can paint, draw, sculpt and, yes, write your own poetry.

In the first for the robotic genre, Ai-Da publicly performed poetry created by “she” in memory of the famous Italian poet Dante Alighieri. The event was held on Friday at the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford University as part of an exhibition in honor of the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death.

For Ai-Da, writing poetry is not as simple as putting a pencil on paper: she is given all 14,233 verses of Dante’s three-part epic, “Divine Comedy,” to digest them, and then, using her database, speech patterns analysis programs. who used algorithms to produce reactive work.

The results are pretty pointless, but to be honest, there’s a lot of poetry as well. Maybe it’s too high for me. Ohr may be that I am too disturbed by it eyes without a soul feel anything but sneaked out. Here clip to judge for yourself courtesy The Guardian:

“We looked up from our verses like blindfolded captives, / Sent to seek light; but it never came / A needle and thread would be needed / To complete the picture. / To see the poor creatures, who were in misery, / Hawks, eyes closed. “

Friday was the last in a series of artistic performances led by artificial intelligence since the first solo robot exhibition in 2019. Gallerist Aidan Meller created Ai-Da in collaboration with Engineered Arts, a robotics company based in the UK, and scientists from the Universities of Oxford and Leeds.

I’m talking to Guardian, Meller said the Ai-Dain language model is so advanced that it can produce as many as 20,000 words in 10 seconds. While her human leaders deal with some “restrictive editing” of her content, to a large extent the words and sentence structure in her poetry are entirely generated by artificial intelligence.

“People are very suspicious that robots don’t do much, but the reality is that language models are very advanced, and in 95% of editing cases it just did too much,” he told the agency. He stated that, given the rapid progress of language models in recent years, “soon they will not be completely different from human text.”

In an interview with CNN, Meller said that Ai-Dai’s ability to imitate human writing “is so great that if you read it you wouldn’t know it wasn’t written by a man.”

“The AI-Da project was developed to address the debate on the ethics of further AI development in order to imitate people and human behavior,” he told the agency. “Finally, it’s clear to all of us that technology has a big impact on all aspects of life, and we’re trying to understand how much this technology can do and what it can teach us about ourselves.”

All that has been said, Meller described the concept of Ai-Da, which competes with human poets, as “fundamentally disturbing”, reports the Guardian. Ai-Da is not designed as a substitute for human artists, but as a tool to gain insight into our own patterns of behavior to build better strategies in the face of an increasingly online world.

“Everyone should be worried [the] the widespread use of AI language models on the Internet and how it will affect language, and most importantly, meaning-making, in the future, ”he told the agency. “If computer programs, not people, create content that in turn shapes and affects the human psyche and society, then it creates a critical change and a change in the use and influence of language – something we need to talk about and think about. ”

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