The Clubhouse finally makes the sound common to use with 30-second room reviews

A week later, the Clubhouse introduces a host of new features. The first of these new ones is Clips, a tool that people can use to share views of public spaces. When creators and hosts enable this feature, you will see a new icon that looks like scissors. Tap it and Clubhouse will record the last 30 seconds of the sound which you can then share on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, iMessage or WhatsApp. Clubhouse says the Clips will be unveiled in beta for select creators today. In most public and open spaces there you should see a scissors icon, unless the host has made an effort to disable this feature.

Sometime in the next few weeks, the Clubhouse also plans to introduce a way for people to share archives of past rooms live. This feature is called Replay. As with clips, people will be able to disable it if they want to. However, when they are active, they will make past rooms reveal as long as the host or creator wants people to find that conversation. The clubhouse says it plans to start performing Replay sometime in October.

Rounding things off, Clubhouse is a search tool that allows you to search for specific people, clubs, live rooms and future events. Initially, this functionality will remain on the Exploration tab for about a week or two before the Clubhouse moves to the sidebar in the hallway. Last but not least, Android users can look forward to a Clubhouse that will offer surround sound support. In many ways, Clubhouse updates have announced today the flaws that have existed in the app for some time. The absence of a way of sharing sound was a particularly significant omission.

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