The clubhouse adds hooked links to provide more context in the rooms

The Clubhouse wants to add more context to discussions in the app with the new Pinned Links feature, which will allow users to attach any URL to the top of the room screen.

As you can see in this example, moderators will now be able to add an external URL link within the room presentation. You can do this by tapping the ‘…’ menu in the upper right corner of the screen and then tapping ‘Pin link’. Each moderator will be able to change or remove the link at any time during the conversation.

Which will open up more opportunities for engagement – as Clubhouse explains:

“We suspect that people will use hooked links in a variety of fun ways – like playing games, running polls and sharing links on YouTube videos. Equally important, we’re excited to see Pinned Links help room makers get people to subscribe to their Substack, download their podcast, read their book, go see them at The Laugh Factory, discover their new single, buy their product, and provide support their Patreon or GoFundMe page..

Therefore, Clubhouse envisions this as another opportunity for creators to derive direct benefit from their rooms, which could give them a greater incentive to continue broadcasting and build community in the app.

It’s a pretty direct and logical addition. Twitter has already offered something similar in Spaces, with hooked tweets, and while direct links are a slightly different approach, the use case is essentially the same.

While it seems, at least for now, that Twitter has taken the lead in audio social engagement, with the platform expanding its dedicated Spaces card and launching a new creator funding program for in-app audio broadcasters, it seems to make Spaces a big part of the tweet experience.

Clubhouse also has its own initiative to fund creators, but Twitter’s broader reach, overall, may prove to be more of a lure in many regions, although Clubhouse is gaining good popularity in India, which will be a key market for the platform’s continued growth.

It remains to be seen whether Clubhouse will remain a viable app amid growing competition, but it is making the right moves, with the addition of handy features like Clips, along with its funding initiatives and now external tools to connect to the rooms.

Much of its success will now be reduced to usability, and the race is essentially between the two options to allow for the best match and the UX tools to take the lead.

Hooked connections are another key feature on this front.

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