The breakdown of the OLED switch reveals a smaller heatsink assembly

It turns out that Nintendo has recently released much more than Samsung’s new screen. By demolishing the console, the do-it-yourself heroes on iFixit discovered that the company has made a number of internal improvements that make the device significantly different from its predecessor.

Like the latest Sony, the OLED Switch has a smaller heat sink than previous models. iFixit suspects that Nintendo made this tweak to save space or undo the “excessive cooling compensation” of the launched model. All we can say is that we hope that the change will not lead to claims that the new model is “rather than its predecessor.” In another space-saving measure, Nintendo has combined some components on a single board. The SD card reader, headphone jack and cartridge reader on the console are now located on a single PCB.


Significantly, the only change related to the OLED variant controller is a set of new rails on the side of the console that hold their Joy-Cons more securely. Another change shows the interconnected console cables glued to the top of the metal shield. While this is something that will make it harder to repair OLED switches on your own, iFixit suspects it could help with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity issues.

Speaking of fixability, iFixit gave the OLED model a rating of seven out of 10. That’s one less than the company assigned the original model. The OLED Switch has a non-modular memory module that is soldered to the motherboard, making it easy to repair and upgrade the front of something you can’t do.

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