The Brazilian regulator could punish Apple again for not including the charger with the iPhone 13

Apple took this into account long after it left the wall charger on the iPhone 12. A year later, customers seem to have gotten used to not getting the charger bundled with the new iPhones. Earlier, the Brazilian consumer protection regulator punished Apple for not including a charger with new iPhones. The same agency will now probably find Apple again because it doesn’t have a charger for the iPhone 13.

Earlier this year, a Brazilian regulator fined Apple $ 1.9 million for failing to include a charger with the iPhone 12. Soon, the company began offering chargers to anyone who requested it. Needless to say, Apple gave the chargers for free. The regulator, Procon-SP, plans to sue Apple for the same because of the iPhone 13.

Interestingly, the maximum fine allowed under Brazilian law is $ 1.9 million. Furthermore, the penalty can only be applied once every six months. This makes us wonder if Apple is trying to circumvent the rules by simply paying fines. Regulators can now punish Apple again because six months have already passed and the iPhone 13 is a new device. Separately, Brazil is one of the most expensive countries to buy an iPhone.

Brazilian law requires companies to note that the charger is not available with the iPhone. Procon-SP CEO Fernando Capez says: “Consumer already has expectations of him [sic] will get a charger along with a smartphone. He further adds that “Violation of this routine can also mean an unjustified increase in prices.”

By analogy, the regulator compares it to a product in a supermarket. He asks what if a 400 gram product available for $ 20 now costs the same, but with 300 grams. “The company can reduce the quantity, but this information needs to be imprinted on the packaging to make the consumer aware.”

Our Take

Apple mentions that the new iPhones don’t come with a charger on the Brazilian website. However, authorities say the information should not be “camouflaged”. We visited Apple’s website in Brazil and couldn’t spot a disclaimer. Maybe it’s hidden somewhere.

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