The BOE screen for the iPhone 2023 is expected to be pressed by LG

Amid rumors of Apple’s specially designed modem for its 2023 iPhone line, a new report today suggests that screens designed for these models could put significant pressure on LG Display’s market share.

According to UBI research, seen from The Elec, BOE is turning three of its factories into plants for the production of OLED panels for Apple. So far, BOE has been producing OLED panels for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 in two factories in China, accounting for only 10 percent of all iPhone displays in 2021, but a significant expansion will reportedly allow the company to overtake LG Display as one of Apple’s major suppliers. screen in 2023.

By the fourth quarter of 2022, BOE will expand to reach a production capacity of 144,000 substrates per month, with only 96,000 currently. This will exceed Samsung Display’s current production capacity of 140,000 substrates per month, positioning BOE as a serious competitor.

BOE taking a larger share in the procurement of “iPhone” screens could pose a particular threat to the LG Display as Apple is its only customer for Gen 6 OLED panels, unlike Samsung Display and BOE, which have a number of other customers and are generally more competitive.

The expansion could be even worse news for LG after it stopped producing LCD screens for the iPhone and completely closed its own smartphone division earlier this year.

Additional reports of Apple’s custom 5G modem surfaced this week, explaining that it will be detached from the company’s A-series chip and should be introduced in iPhones as soon as 2023. These models also couldn’t have a notch or hole punch off-screen, Touch ID fingerprint scanner under the screen and periscope camera system.

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