The best smart plugs for HomeKit 2021

The best
Smart plugs for HomeKit

The best smart plugs for HomeKit can help your older devices in the modern age. These simple HomeKit accessories can automatically turn on your coffee machine at sunrise through scenes and automation created in the Home app. They can also turn your lights on and off whether you are at home or not. If you are ready to improve the intelligence of your home, here are some of the best smart plugs for HomeKit that you can buy.

Best for most:
Belkin Wemo Mini smart plug, Wi-Fi enabled

Staff Favorite

The Belkin Wemo mini has a slim profile that won’t block the other plug on the wall, allowing two of them to be used in one outlet. You don’t need a hub; simply connect to HomeKit, Alexa or Google Assistant and the Wemo app on iOS and Android. The Wemo Mini is also UL certified.

  • $ 23 on Amazon

  • $ 30 at Walmart

Meross Smart Wifi Plug Mini

Meross Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini

The Meross smart Wi-Fi mini plug provides all the basic necessities for the HomeKit in a compact package at a compact price. This port is ready to scan the HomeKit pairing code without downloading another application or registering for an account. With its fast response time and reliability, it is one of the best HomeKit values.

$ 15 on Amazon

Connectsense smart wall outlet

Pure comfort:
ConnectSense smart wall outlet – white

The ConnectSense smart wall outlet offers all the features of a typical smart plug, but you install it instead of your current outlet. If you want comfort without a large amount, you’ll love fast response times, reliable connectivity, independent controls and power monitoring. Although not cheap, it offers a more flawless look.

From $ 80 on Amazon

Eve Energy smart plug

Follow it:
Elgato Eve Energy Smart Plug & Power Meter

The Elgato Eve Energy is a smart plug connected via Bluetooth. With detailed energy monitoring statistics, it can help you reduce your utility bills. Thanks to Bluetooth LE’s device connection, you won’t have to struggle with the process of setting up a Wi-Fi network or cluttering your network with another device – Eve Energy communicates directly with your phone.

$ 40 on Amazon

Philips Hue smart plug

Shades of power:
Philips Hue smart plug for Hue smart lights – compatible with Hue hub – white

If you already have a Philips Hue Bridge, this smart plug will integrate directly with it and the HomeKit. This allows it to work using a ZigBee wireless connection, keeping it out of your Wi-Fi network and without a local Bluetooth connection. This plug is compact, which gives you space to put two of them in one socket or to keep one free for other items.

  • $ 30 on Amazon

  • $ 30 at Walmart

Meross Smart Wifi internal external plug

For external use:
Meross Outdoor Smart Wi-Fi plug

The Meross Outdoor smart Wi-Fi plug provides you with two convenient weatherproof sockets, perfect for holiday lighting, fairy lights and more. This port uses Wi-Fi to connect, allowing you to connect it to your network without using a separate hub. This makes it ready to work with HomeKit in seconds, just plug it in and scan to start upgrading the external environment.

$ 30 on Amazon

Here's the energy belt

Beauty and the brain:
Eve Energy Strip – smart triple socket and power meter

Eve’s smart distributor is a key home office with smart comfort. This bar includes the same energy tracking capabilities as Eve’s single smart plug. Control all three built-in sockets individually via the Home and HomeKit apps. Your devices will be protected against surges, surges and surges.

  • $ 100 at Apple

  • $ 100 on Amazon

Vocolinc Smart Plug Mini Render cut out

Agreement of two packages:
The VOCOlinc smart socket for the mini Siri WiFi socket works with the HomeKit

With VOCOlinc you will get two smart plugs at one low price. Compact size and high power (1800W) make this a great choice for stockpiling. Insert two thin plugs into one socket if desired. At this price you can buy several two-component packages and arrange them in different parts of your home.

$ 33 on Amazon

Included: The best smart plugs for HomeKit

The best smart plugs for HomeKit are the simplest way to create smart home devices from “stupid” ones, by adding Siri voice controls and support for automation and home application scenes. This will make managing your home more efficient. We love the Wemo Mini because of its low price and compact design. In addition, it can work with HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant, making it a very versatile option.

If you’re looking for a smart plug with accessories, go with the Eve Energy Strip – a smart triple socket and power meter. Since it is a distributor, you can connect up to three different devices. In addition, it is an energy monitor with a Bluetooth connection that can help you reduce energy bills.

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