The best MagSafe car mounts 2021

The best
MagSafe car mounts

Car mounts for the iPhone are nothing new, but past solutions have always been a bit bulky, from spring-loaded designs to ugly gluing magnets. MagSafe transformed the idea into something much simpler and simpler. Now, the best MagSafe car mounts make driving with your iPhone 12 effortless. Keep in mind that these brackets will only work well with a bare iPhone 12 Series or a case compatible with MagSafe.

Apple certified:
Belkin MagSafe Car Vent Mount PRO

Staff Pick

The only MagSafe car holder you’ll find on the Apple website, the Belkin Car Vent Mount PRO seems to be the iPhone manufacturer’s choice and we can’t argue. The magnets are strong, the swivel design is practical and includes storage of charging cables.

Esr Halolock Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

Charging included:
ESR HaloLock magnetic wireless car charger

The ESR HaloLock car charger is more than just a car holder; it will also charge your phone wirelessly. The ball joint will rotate in several directions and attach directly to your vent for easy installation.

$ 35 on Amazon

Otterbox Car Dash Windshield Mount for Magsafe

Windshield or instrument:
Otterbox car instrument and windshield bracket for MagSafe

With several ways to mount the OtterBox bracket, you can temporarily attach it to the windshield or permanently to the control panel. The adjustable arm also allows for different angles and positioning. This works perfectly with OtterBox MagSafe compatible enclosures.

  • $ 50 on Amazon

  • $ 50 at Otterbox

Zeehoo M1 Magnetic high speed wireless car charger

Best value:
ZeeHoo M1 Magnetic fast wireless car charger

ZeeHoo comes at an extremely attractive price, especially since the car holder also charges the iPhone. This includes a clamping function with MagSafe magnets for extra grip strength.

$ 16 on Amazon

Spiegel wireless car charger

The best design:
Spiegel wireless car charger

If you want your car’s interior to be clean and minimal, the Spiegel wireless car charger has a modern design that will seamlessly fit into your sleek interior. It will set up your iPhone, charge it and look good in it.

$ 55 at Spiegel

Spigen Mag Fit designed for Magsafe car holder

Use your existing charger:
Spigen Mag Fit Designed for Magsafe car holder

Here’s a new idea! Spigen has created Mag Fit to work with your existing Apple MagSafe charger so it will place your iPhone on the car’s vent and charge it at the same time. This is an easy and affordable option if you already own an Apple MagSafe charger.

  • $ 17 on Amazon

  • $ 35 in Spiegen

Maggrip Car Vent Mount

Simple and affordable:
TechMatte MagGrip car ventilation bracket

TechMatte offers this simple car ventilation bracket at a great low price. The minimal design will not distract from your interior; you will hardly notice that it is there when you are not using it.

$ 17 on Amazon

Mount using MagSafe

MagSafe technology has changed the way we use the iPhone, and the best MagSafe car holders on this list show all the ways it can be used. Our choice should be Belkin Car Vent Mount PRO. Not only is this Apple’s preferred choice, but it also has strong magnets and a useful swivel design.

For customers on a budget or if you want a little extra grip power, the ZeeHoo M1 car charger has built-in clamps for stronger grip, and will charge your iPhone at the same time. This also offers mounting on the windshield and instrument panel, as well as an adapter if you prefer to mount it on the car’s vent. Review the choices and find a car mount that will fit well into your ride.

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