The best lighting for streaming webcams 2021

The best
lighting for streaming webcams

Proper lighting is the key to getting stable videos and clear photos with your iPhone and for streaming your webcam. However, you don’t need any old light; you want soft, indirect light to shine directly on your face, making you the focus. Whether you’re streaming on YouTube, shooting a TikTok short, or meeting your boss on Zoom, we’ve rounded up a list of the best lighting for streaming your webcam.

The best professional lights:
Neewer 5600K USB LED video light 2-pack

Staff Pick

This Neewer panel-style lighting kit comes with two LED light panels, which is one of the many reasons why this is one of the best lighting options for streaming webcams. The lights are powered via USB and work with a wall plug. Each small LED panel is adjustable up to 180 degrees, so you get the right angle every time. Two tripods for perfect positioning, two extension rods and eight filters are also included. Place one light on both sides and you are ready.

Gloue Ring Light Render Cropped

The best budget choice:
QIAYA selfie light ring

QIAYA LED light has found our list of the best selfie ring lights at its price, weight and full light capabilities. It switches via your iPhone or iPad for FaceTime calls and pictures and works on your Mac to stream webcams or video calls with friends and family. This small light is charged via USB, making this kit portable and easy on your wallet.

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Best for video conferencing:
Lume Cube lighting for video conferencing

Workers at home and in the office who spend all day on video conference calls will love Lume Cube’s Conference Lighting Kit. The lights on the LED panel give a soft but strong light that is fully adjustable for day or night shooting. The lenses are matte and covered with a white diffuser, giving you a professional glow. This kit comes with a computer holder and is ready to use right out of the box.

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The best complete set:
NexiGo StreamCam N93OE

If you need to upgrade your camera and lighting system, reach for NexiGo StreamCam. It is a 1080P webcam with a ring light attached. If you’re a privacy addict, you’ll dig out a privacy cover that slides over the camera when not in use. This setting fits on your monitor and also works as a standalone unit on any flat surface.

  • $ 60 on Amazon

  • $ 59 in NexiGo

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The best table lights:
Emart 60 LEDs

The dual light setting from Emart plugs into any standard outlet, making it one of the best lighting options for streaming webcams for those on a budget. Place lights around the camera on your computer, phone, or tablet and start streaming. Even filters are included to give you a soft glow or remove the roughness of daily shots. This kit is made for table use and includes eight gel filters, two lights and two adjustable stands.

  • $ 33 on Amazon

  • $ 42 in Emart

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Best Zoom Companion:
Extension VL49 2000mAh LED video light

Some lights put you in a sharp light that accentuates every pore and pimple. Who wants that? The Ulanzi VL49 custom wallet provides soft, extra light that works well for video calls, YouTube, and even portraits. The battery is rechargeable and lasts up to two hours, making this one of the best lighting options for streaming webcams for those who care about their budget.

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The best clip-on:
iVict Clip-On LED light

When you don’t have space on your desktop to make room for a tripod, get the iVict Clip-On LED. With ten levels of brightness, three color modes and a flexible gooseneck of 360 degrees, you choose what to light. USB powers this light and serves as a bedside reading lamp.

$ 17 on Amazon

Ubeesize 10 Inch Light Render Cropped

Best for your phone:
UBeesize 10-inch selfie ring + tripod

If you use your phone as a webcam, a 10-inch selfie ring from UBeesize is exactly what you need. This affordable kit includes a dimmable ring light in three color options, a mini desktop camera holder, an adjustable tripod and a Bluetooth remote control. Place a tripod on your desk or floor and you are ready to receive calls or record videos. You can even leave the phone off the tripod and place this light behind your computer’s webcam for precise lighting.

$ 36 on Amazon

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The best remote control:
PIXEL ring light with wireless remote control

You never want to be seen messing with your light, trying to make adjustments while shooting. The remote control helps you make minor adjustments out of sight. The ring light and wireless remote control kit from PIXEL come with a 19-inch login light, three color filters, mounting adapters and a wireless remote control. It is the perfect setting for casual and professional Zoom meetings, logging in and FaceTime conversations.

$ 92 on Amazon

Our three favorites

The best lighting for streaming webcams comes down to positioning, brightness options and your budget. If you want a professional class light, we recommend the Neewer 5600K USB LED lights. They can be dimmed, come with eight filters and offer endless lighting possibilities.

When you need a cheap lamp that will work just as well with your laptop as it does with your phone, we like the QIAYA selfie ring light. It is powered via USB and connects directly to your phone, tablet or laptop, giving a soft, warm, adjustable light.

And if you spend all day and night on video conferencing calls, your best option is the Lume Cube video conferencing lighting kit. It comes with a computer holder and built-in matte lenses and diffusers that illuminate the light on your face without injuring your eyes.

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