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Scrolling even when shooting videos with the phone results in shaky, unusable shots that no optical image stabilization will correct. Whether you’re shooting with a new iPhone 13 or an older phone model, you need a gimbal. As a photographer, I don’t get paid unless my pictures and videos are bright and sharp at every shoot. I don’t skimp on the equipment that goes in my bag and that’s why I carry a Hohem stabilizer with three axles. I love Hohem because of its three-axis stabilization that withstands strong winds, walking and running, and even shooting from a moving vehicle. This is not the only winning gimbal I have on hand. These are the best phone gimbals for your money today.

Best overall: Hohem i-Steady Mobile +

Hohem Isteady Mobile Lifestyle

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Hohem iSteady Mobile + is an affordable gimbal with advanced features that you will adore! Included with this model is the recently released 3D starter mode that rotates your phone 360 ​​degrees during shooting. Sport mode drives 3-axis stabilization in overdrive, ensuring movies are never shaky, even as you run down stairs or ride a bike on uneven terrain.

The battery life on the iSteady Mobile Plus is worth 12 hours, and the unit can charge your phone if needed. This model has four scroll modes, different acceleration features and can perform minor retouching during post-processing with the app included. This well-balanced model is one of the best gimbals for phones due to its versatility and fits any phone up to the iPhone 12 Pro.

My only complaint is the software. Both iPhone and Android apps are clumsy, challenging to navigate, and difficult to learn. The app is constantly updated and gets better with each release. But those who feel overwhelmed may want to stick to their phone’s video and camera software to begin with. All in all, this is a professional gimbal at a great price.


  • The battery lasts 12 hours
  • Clean shot
  • Impressive automatic tracking
  • The handle controls are exceptional
  • Case included

The best overall

Hohem Isteady Mobile Render Cropped

Hohem i-Steady Mobile +

Top gimbal for theft

This gimbal emits vibration-free videos and still photos for a few dollars less than the competition. Great for beginners and professionals!

Best movement control: DJI OM 4

DJI OM 4 shows the gesture mode

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DJI recently rolled out the OM 5, but it can’t compete with the OM 4, which is still our favorite gimbal in their lineup. Our review of the DJI OM 4 highlighted many of its features. For your money, you’ll get a magnetic phone clamp and a magnetic ring holder that locks your iPhone in place. While ingenious in design, our only complaint is that the magnetic clamp is very sturdy on the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

This model has three-axis stabilization, dynamic zoom, ActiveTrack 3.0 and our favorite feature, motion control. When taking a selfie or group shot, you can go hands-free and remotely control the OM 4 movement. Super cool!

This kit comes with everything you need to get started, including an OM 4 tripod handle, power cord, storage case, wrist wrap and manual. If you take a lot of your shots or need hands-free control, this is the best gimbal for you.


  • Shooting without the use of hands
  • Shutter button on the handle
  • Solid stabilization
  • Favorably
  • Dynamic Zoom


  • Firmly fits the iPhone 12 Pro Max

Best movement control

Dji Om 4 Render Cropped

DJI OM 4 – Manual 3-axis PTO shaft stabilizer with handle

Shoot without using your hands

With killer stabilization, trigger controls and hands-free operation, this lightweight gimbal glows.

Best shooting modes: Zhiyun Smooth 4

Zyihun Smooth 4

Source: Zyihun

Loved by professional cameramen, vloggers and enthusiasts, the Zhiyun Smooth 4 is an indispensable piece of photo equipment in my bag. Smooth works 12 solid hours per charge and emits steady shots regardless of the weather or your movement. The sliders on the side of the handle function as a control panel, allowing you to switch between gimbal modes, turn on the charging light, record, pause, and more.

If I have to bother, this gimbal balances most accurately without a phone case. Since Zhiyun’s holders hold your expensive phone firmly in place, it’s not a problem, but because of the inconvenience of having to take off the recording case and replace it again when you’re done.

Featured features include subject tracking, focus and zoom capability, shutter-release button and advanced shooting techniques such as acceleration, hyper-lapse, motion lapse, slow-mo, etc. Whether you’re an advanced filmmaker or just learning the ropes, this is the phone’s gimbal that gives you seamless video in every situation.


  • 12 hours battery life
  • Produces videos without flicker
  • Budget-friendly
  • Video guides are included
  • Advanced shooting modes


  • Best used without a phone case

The best ways to shoot

zhiyun smooth 4

Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimbal

Dandelion smooth shots

Discard shaky shots with excellent 3-axis stabilization and an impressive battery life that can easily surpass your creativity.

Best entry level: Gudsen Moza Mini-S

Moza Mini S

Source: Gudsen Moza

When size matters, the Moza Mini-S works like no other. This phone gimbal has a thin, lightweight case that folds up to five inches in length, small enough to fit nicely in a backpack, drawer or even a glove box. The built-in sensor and brushless motor remove the shock that turns good videos into dizzying nightmares. This is also the easiest to learn gimbal on our list, which makes it the right choice for beginners.

This little gimbal automatically detects and tracks objects and people, in addition to moving, tilting and rolling. The image remains sharp thanks to the three-axis stabilization. The handle on the Moza Mini-S is equipped with one-button zoom and focus controls for smooth operation.

If you can complain, it’s the variable battery life that sometimes lasts eight hours, while other times it barely reaches the five-hour mark. You will also need to remove the case from the phone in order for the clamps to adequately adhere to your smartphone. Despite these little things, we love this small power plant because of its size and competitive features.


  • Packable
  • Good case tracking
  • One-button focus and zoom controls
  • Triaxial stabilization works well
  • Great for beginners


  • The phone case must be removed
  • Battery life is not consistent

The best entry level

Moza Mini S Updated rendering cropped

Moza Mini-S stabilizer with 3 axes

When size matters

The Moza Mini-S comes with three-axis stabilization that helps trembling hands record perfect videos. Bonus: it folds a bit!

Best extensibility: FeiyuTech Vimble 2S

FeiyuTech Vimble 2S

Source: FeiyuTech

The FeiyuTech Vimble 2S is perfect for anyone who could use a little extra range. Taking a selfie, taking action high above eye level or moving a little out of reach is possible with this lightweight gimbal that extends up to 18 inches. Wimble 2 can shoot movies vertically or horizontally, as well as track faces and objects. And the three-axis stabilizers provide everyone with steady hands while on the move.

Controlling Wimble 2 is easy at the touch of a button on the handle, which is why our list ranks among the best gimbals for phones. The joystick gives you complete control, in addition to the Bluetooth shutter button, shutter button and focus button. Tilting, rolling and moving are quiet and work nicely.

Built-in filters are fun to use with Wimble 2, and your work can be edited using the free app. The only drawback is the battery life, which lasts a crumb under 5 hours. If you don’t mind, the Wimble 2 is the ideal piece of photo equipment for any phone owner.


  • Expandable for wide angle shots and selfies
  • Built solid
  • Practical and simple controls
  • Good stabilization

Best expandable

FeiyuTech Vimble 2S render

FeiyuTech Vimble 2S

When you need a longer range

When you need longer arms, the fully equipped Vimble 2 is your ticket to creativity.


I love the advanced features like 3D start mode, time interval and sport mode in my best choice, Hohem i-Steady Mobile +. Battery life is impressive, lasts 12 hours, and automatic tracking and scrolling are just as good as more expensive gimbals for phones.

Hohem’s only mistake is that his accompanying application is difficult to learn and is a bit messy. The learning curve is steep, but it’s worth it to pay off if you succeed. Whatever your skill level, you’ll be impressed with the triple stabilization and tilt, swivel and swivel options on this smartphone gimbal. Hohem is a prominent product that is sure to sustain your creative juices.

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