The best cases for iPhone 13 Pro 2021

The best
Cases for iPhone 13 Pro

It’s never too early to buy new phone cases, and now that the iPhone 13 Pro has been introduced, you can start looking for a great case for what will surely be your new best iPhone. Whether you want a lot of protection, something thin, something clear or something else, you can get some of the best cases for iPhone 13 Pro right away, so you have one ready to use as soon as you get the phone.

Thin and simple:
Spigen Thin Fit for iPhone 13 Pro

Staff Favorite

If you want a quality base case for your iPhone 13 Pro, look no further than Spigen Thin Fit. It is a simple housing that is built in and offers minimal protection, but also minimal footprint on your device. It is made of polycarbonate and TPU so it is impact resistant and will protect the back of your phone from scratches and scuffs.

$ 17 on Amazon

Casekppp Frosted Iphone 13 Pro Case Cropped

Transparent protection:
CASEKOO Frosted case for iPhone 13 Pro

If you like to have protection without adding too much to your iPhone, and you like to be able to show off your new shiny phone, the CASEKOO Frosted iPhone 13 Pro case manages it all. It has been tested by falling to a height of 8 feet and has a camera edge that protects the lenses on the back, so you don’t have to worry about bumps and scratches. In addition, its transparent back is resistant to fingerprints, which means that the back allows the natural beauty of the iPhone 13 Pro to shine.

$ 26 on Amazon

Apple leather case Iphone 13 Pro

Apple leather:
Leather case for iPhone 13 Pro with MagSafe

The Apple leather case with MagSafe is back on the latest iPhone, and it’s just as good as you remember. It is made of premium tanned leather that is soft to the touch and comes in multiple colors in new colors like golden brown, dark cherry, wisteria and more. In addition, this is a case that gets better with time as it develops a rich patina.

$ 59 at Apple

Uag U Dot series

Thin and textured:
UAG U Dot Series for iPhone 13 Pro

The Dot series is a great minimal purse for those you like thanks to the textured back. This case comes in several colors, including the super beautiful pink Dusty Rose, and has a matte finish with nice edges. Although it is thin, it is still super protected, drop by drop.

Nomad Leather Foilio Iphone 13 Pro

Leather sheet:
Nomad Modern Leather Folio

Nomad’s Modern Leather Folio uses genuine Horween leather, developing a patina with greater use. With space for up to six cards, an identification slot and places to put a little cash, this will allow you to easily keep a real wallet at home. And don’t worry – it’s fully compatible with MagSafe.

$ 80 in the Nomad

Otterbox Symmetry Series +

Reliable protection:
OtterBox Symmetry Series + Case for iPhone 13 Pro

OtterBox is one of our favorite brands of cases and accessories for the iPhone, and Symmetry Series + is one of the best deals for the iPhone 13 Pro. It is thinner than the robust Defender series, but still offers outstanding and durable protection. Symmetry comes in several different fun color combinations, and is also compatible with MagSafe!

60 USD on OtterBox

Incipio Organicore Clear Iphone 13 Pro

Clear and environmentally friendly:
Incipio Organicore Clear

Incipio Organicore is an environmentally friendly case made of 100% composting materials, so you can protect your iPhone 13 Pro and feel good in it. Don’t worry about endurance, it’s surprisingly heavy and has been tested by falling from a height of 14 feet. In addition, it is fully compatible with MagSafe.

$ 45 at Incipio

Mujjo leather wallet case Iphone 13 Pro

Elegant leather wallet:
Mujjo full leather wallet case for iPhone 13 Pro – brown

Mujjo makes great leather cases, and one of them is a full leather leather bag. This case is made of leather tanned on vegetables, and the wallet on the back of the case can store between two to three cards. Never forget your wallet again.

$ 50 on Amazon

Dbrand Grip Iphone 13 Pro

Endless customization:
dbrand Grip

While you may know dbrand by its wide range of skins, dbrand Grip is a customizable case. With extremely clickable buttons and a really comfortable feel, your iPhone 13 Pro will never feel safer in your hands. Plus, it’s not even that bulky at just 2mm thick, but it still has military impact resistance – grab it, take it off and go!

$ 45 in dbrand

Spigen Hybrid Ultra 2 Iiphone 13 Pro Amazon

Bracket included:
Spigen Ultra Hybrid S for iPhone 13 Pro

If you like clear cases, it’s hard to beat the Spigen Ultra Hybrid S. This simple case is crystal clear and is made of two layers for extra protection. The CPU bumper helps with shock absorption, while the hard, durable polycarbonate back will prevent scratches and abrasions from durable TPU materials. The buttons are nice and tactile, and the stand on the back serves great to support your iPhone for watching videos.

$ 17 on Amazon

Sonix Iphone 13 Procase

Express your style:
Sonix cases for iPhone 13 Pro

Not every iPhone case needs to be boring. So spice up your new phone with Sonix handbags. All cases are tested to drop to 10 feet, which means your iPhone 13 Pro can survive a few bumps if needed. In addition, they are characterized by compatibility with MagSafe, infusion antimicrobial material and have a multitude of different and unique styles.

  • From $ 35 on Amazon

  • From $ 35 at Sonix

Casely Iphone 13 Pro Case

Fresh prints:
Casely Bold + MagSafe case for iPhone 13 Pro

Casely has a large selection of unique prints that you can put on your iPhone 13 Pro using the Bold + MagSafe case. Don’t let looks fool you; these cases are 8-foot drop tested, compatible with MagSafe and have excellent non-slip side grip so your iPhone stays in your hand.

From $ 40 in Casely

Caseology Vault Iphone 13 Pro

Textured for holding:
Caseology Vault for iPhone 13 Pro

Caseology makes great suitcases at affordable prices, and their Vault pouch is the perfect blend of shape and function. The texture on the case ensures that your iPhone feels nice and cramped so it doesn’t fall out of your hands. It’s thin enough to work with MagSafe, but it can still withstand some bumps and bruises as it is extensively tested for falls from a height of about 2 feet.

$ 13 on Amazon

ESR Air Armor IPhone 13 Pro

Clear and simple:
ESR Air Armor for iPhone 13 Pro

This new Sierra Blue iPhone 13 Pro will look so beautiful that you need a case that won’t hide it. The ESR Air Armor is a TPU case with anti-yellowing technology, so you can let your brand new phone be the center of attention. In addition, extra cushioning in the corners provides extra protection where your iPhone is most at risk.

$ 14 on Amazon

Do you need a MagSafe holster?

We know that many manufacturers now have MagSafe compatible cases, but we also know that some are thin enough to fill MagSafe without being officially compatible. So, of course, it ultimately depends on the case. Lastly, if you buy a case that is not considered fully compatible with MagSafe, you run the risk that it may fail – so think wisely about your choice.

Our recommendations

We know that the amount of iPhone 13 Pro case that will appear in the coming weeks will explode, but there are many great options that you can buy now. So when your iPhone 13 Pro finally gets to your door, you have a case waiting and ready to go.

The CASEKOO Frosted iPhone 13 Pro case is great because it offers so much, and its price is quite reasonable. It provides excellent protection, has been tested for an 8-foot drop, and offers lips on the screen and a camera shot to keep the glass from squeezing. In addition, its transparent back has an anti-fingerprint coating, so you can show off the color of your iPhone 13 Pro without sacrificing protection.

If you need compatibility with MagSafe, the Nomad Leather Folio Case for iPhone 13 Pro is a bit expensive, but well worth it. With a ton of space for cards, cash and an ID card, you’ll never have to bring a real wallet with you again.

Lastly, a quick and easy case like the Spigen Thin Fit works wonders for the minimalist iPhone 13 Pro user. It is a simple case that turns on and off very easily. Thin Fit is a great choice if you want something to protect that fragile rear window.

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