The best battery cases for iPhone 12 2021

The best
Battery cases for iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 boasts an impressive battery life of around eight hours, but if you’re traveling, camping or working overtime at work, you may need to extend the battery life to survive those really long days. For that, a battery case is a super handy way to squeeze more juice out of your iPhone. Here you will find the best battery cases for iPhone 12 that will last that iPhone when you don’t have time to stop and charge it.

Smart wireless charging:
Battery case for iPhone 12

Staff Pick

Alpatronix is ​​the highlight when it comes to iPhone battery cases due to one key fact – it supports wireless charging. While many battery cases require wired charging, Alpatronix will allow your phone to be charged with any Qi wireless charger while still in the case. When the iPhone is fully charged, this smart battery case will charge its own internal battery using the same wireless charger.

  • $ 40 on Amazon

  • $ 40 at Walmart

Juice Pack Connect

Removable battery:
mophie Juice Pack Connect Compact

Do you like the idea of ​​a filling case, but can’t stand the extra amount? Try the new mophie juice pack connect for an additional 70% of battery life. This removable battery uses a small anchor to attach to any phone case, so you can put it on when you need juice and remove it when your iPhone is full. It’s some smart technology, but it comes at a price.

  • $ 80 at Zagg

  • $ 80 on Amazon

Zerolemon case for iPhone 12

Strong and protective:
ZEROLEMON battery box

Here’s another battery case that supports wireless charging, though a little heavier than the Alpatronix. The ZEROLEMON battery case is designed to provide protection against falls in difficult conditions with a 120% increase in battery life!

  • $ 36 on Amazon

  • $ 36 at Walmart

Zttopo battery housing

Stand on:
Zttopo battery housing

The Zttopo case is a good bilateral agreement; includes a built-in stand so you can lift your holster for easy hands-free viewing. Note that Apple CarPlay will not be supported while your iPhone is in this case.

$ 46 on Amazon

Max Bear battery case

All beautiful colors:
MaxBear battery case

Unlike the usual black and gray colors offered by most battery cases, MaxBear offers several color options in pleasant tones such as rose gold and gray-blue. It also has an extremely large 7,000 mAh battery.

$ 36 on Amazon

IPhone battery case

180% increase:
SNSOU battery case

Another case with a large 7,000 mAh battery, SNSOU can add an incredible 180% of battery life to your iPhone. It also promises strong fall protection and headphone compatibility.

$ 28 on Amazon

Newdery battery case

Flawless compatibility:
NEWDERY Battery case

One of the few battery cases that supports wireless charging, NEWDERY can be used with any Qi wireless charger to simultaneously charge iPhone and case. This case offers flawless compatibility with wired headphones, Apple CarPlay and all Bluetooth devices.

$ 34 on Amazon

Never run out of juice

Here it is – the best battery cases for iPhone 12 that will keep you in the juice even on those extremely long busy days. We prefer Alpatronix because of its high quality and smart compatibility with wireless charging technology. The certified Lightning chip inside also ensures full compatibility with all accessories and Apple technologies.

For budget-conscious customers, the NEWDERY Battery Case also offers a lot of the same benefits at a lower price. Although this brand is not as well known and reliable as Alpatronix, they offer a good battery case that supports wireless charging. After carefully considering each option, we are sure that one of these battery cases will perfectly suit your needs.

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