The Apple Watch Series 7 uses the same processor as its predecessor

The Apple Watch Series 7, announced on Tuesday, is believed to use the same S6 system in the processor package that was first installed in the Apple Watch Series 6 released last year.

Apple failed to talk about the performance of the Apple Watch Series 7 processor during Tuesday’s unveiling, which is unusual given that successive power gaps are typically an integral part of Apple hardware’s unveiling.

There doesn’t seem to be any performance improvements that can be talked about, however, as the new wearable device uses the S6 SiP introduced with the Apple Watch Series 6 2020.

Although Apple has not released exact specifications regarding its flagship processor, developer Steve Troughton-Smith in a tweet today it was said that the latest version of Xcode reveals that the Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple Watch Series 6 integrate the “t8301” CPU. Troughton-Smith assumes that the “exactly the same” part component was used last year, meaning the chip wasn’t massaged with modifications or upgrades.

“There’s a reason why Apple didn’t talk about the Apple Watch Series 7 processor this year,” Troughton-Smith said. “[A]And that’s because it’s exactly the same as last year’s Series 6. In fact, it doesn’t even get a new model number, it’s actually just a chassis adjustment. “

This may be a bit flawed given that Apple has increased the chassis size to accommodate the new Retina display which has almost 20% more screen area than the Apple Watch 6 Series. The case is also 40% thinner and includes “fundamental design changes” that they make it the most durable watch that came out of Cupertino. Apple claims that the front crystal is the strongest so far, while the entire unit is IP6X certified and waterproof WR50.

Another novelty is the improved charging system, which enables 33% faster charging than the Apple Watch Series 6. Apple claims that the device can achieve 80% charge in 45 minutes with the new magnetic USB-C cable for fast charger.

Why Apple transferred the S6 to the Apple Watch Series 7 is not clear, but the decision is unprecedented for the next-generation flagship device. Apple has introduced a new S-Series processor with every revision of Apple Watch since its inception and has only twice released a variant of the current chip or integrated the previous generation of processors into the initial model. A similar strategy applies to the iPhone and iPad.

It remains unclear how the decision will affect the wider Apple Watch ecosystem, if at all, although the S6 appears to be more than capable of handling a larger screen and watchOS 8. Among Apple products, the Apple Watch with its lightweight applications and limited capabilities , is perhaps least affected by the lack of a progressively performing chip.

The Apple Watch Series 7 should arrive later this fall.

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