The Apple Watch Series 7 tester publishes real-world photos before launch

The Apple Watch 7 was first shown in the wild.
Photos: Anonymous / MacRumors

The Apple Watch Series 7 was first introduced in the real world since last month since its introduction. The pictures show that the new screen of the device is significantly larger and more curved than on the previous models.

Apple’s latest smartwatch could finally be available for pre-order later this week ahead of its official premiere this fall.

The Apple Watch Series 7 shows its face

While the Apple Watch Series 7 is almost identical to its predecessor in almost every way, it still has a few decent outlets. It charges 33% faster, and has a much larger screen that puts more content on your wrist.

The new screen is also a bit more curved. Wrapping the edges of the Apple Watch 7 to meet the aluminum case — real-world photos released ahead of the device’s premiere prove the changes are indeed noticeable.

The pictures were posted on the Facebook group (but later removed) by someone who claims to be testing the latest Apple wear for one of its operator partners, according to MacRumors. No other information appears to have been provided.

Other changes may be noticeable when the Apple Watch 7 goes into more hands, but given that it’s so similar to previous models – with the same processor as the 6 Series – we don’t expect big surprises.

The Apple Watch 7 could be available soon

So when can you get your own Apple Watch Series 7? Well, Apple has yet to confirm a launch date; his website still says the device is “available later this fall.” But according to several recent reports, the wait could soon be over.

Apple partner Hermès told fans that the Apple Watch 7 will be available for pre-order this Friday, October 8th. Jon Prosser from Cover page technique it also reported last Thursday that the device could be on sale this week.

If Apple sticks to its typical pattern of launching new hardware – and that date is correct – the Apple Watch 7 could hit doorsteps and Apple Store locations on Friday, October 14th. We hope to hear more from Apple this week.

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