The Apple Watch Series 7 has a wireless connection at 60.5 GHz

The Apple Watch Series 7 was announced at Apple’s September event along with the iPhone 13 line. Although the new iPhone will arrive in stores this Friday, there is no information on when the new Apple Watch will be available to customers. Although Apple has not revealed much product details, FCC submissions have now revealed that the Series 7 has a secret 60.5 GHz wireless connection for data transmission.

FCC documents seen MacRumors show that the Apple Watch Series 7 has a 60.5 GHz wireless module, which has never been seen in any Apple product before. According to the submissions, the 60.5 GHz transmitter requires a “proprietary wireless serial port” with an appropriate module to enable data transfer on the Apple Watch.

There’s not much detail about this docking station other than an illustration with the model number “A2687” and a description that says it’s based on magnetic alignment for “locking the Apple Watch in place at the top”. The document also says that this port, which is produced by Apple, is powered by a USB-C port.

The EUT consists of a handheld Apple Watch device that contains an unlicensed / unlicensed data transmitter module exempted from 60.5 GHz. A proprietary wireless serial docking station with a corresponding 60.5 GHz module is required to activate the transmission on the Apple Watch. The magnetic alignment device locks the Apple Watch on top of the wireless serial docking station, allowing communication between the Dock and the Apple Watch. The wireless serial dock is powered via the USB-C port.

Since Apple never mentioned this technology and requires enabling an external device, it is likely that the 60.5 GHz transmitter is for Apple’s internal use only. MacRumors says such a connection is capable of transferring data up to 480 Mbps, similar to USB 2.0 speeds.

Each current Apple Watch model has a service port hidden in one of the slots for connecting the watch bands. Perhaps Apple is testing a new way to access Apple Watch data wirelessly via this 60.5 GHz transmitter and a new docking station, which could be easier than removing the service port cover.

With rumors that Apple has repeatedly considered the iPhone portless, new high-speed wireless data technology could be a solution to remove ports and still offer tools to restore firmware as needed. Only time will tell what Apple’s plans are for this new connection hidden in the Apple Watch Series 7.

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