The Apple Watch Series 7 does not have a hidden diagnostic port, it probably uses wireless data transfer instead

Last month, FCC submissions revealed that the Apple Watch 7 Series models are equipped with a new module that allows wireless data transmission at 60.5 GHz. This module is not advertised on Apple’s website and is probably for Apple’s internal use only.

MacRumors has since been confirmed with The Vergeis Dieter Bohn and others that the Apple Watch Series 7 does not have a hidden diagnostic port that was located in the lower slot on all previous Apple Watch models. Apple used the port for diagnostic purposes when servicing the Apple Watch, such as restoring the watchOS over a wired connection with a special tool.

The lack of a diagnostic port on the Apple Watch Series 7 models probably explains the addition of a 60.5 GHz wireless data transfer module. FCC submissions indicate that the module only activates when the Apple Watch is placed on a shielded magnetic station with a corresponding 60.5 GHz module, so it sounds as if Apple could use this dock to perform diagnostics or wirelessly restore the watchOS. on Series 7 models.

It’s also worth noting that the Series 7 models have dust resistance with an IP6X rating, so perhaps removing the diagnostic port helped to some extent.

The Apple Watch Series 7 models will begin arriving to customers and launch in stores this Friday, October 15th. Key features include larger screens with body sizes of 41mm and 45mm, improved durability with dust resistance with an IP6X rating, up to 33% faster charging with included USB-C quick charge cable and new aluminum colors.

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