The Apple Watch could miss a major redesign next year

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Those hoping for a major overhaul of the Apple Watch could be disappointed again next year, with a new report claiming that only minor design changes are planned for the Apple Watch Series 8 – which could be almost identical to the 7 Series.

Many fans have been expecting an Apple Watch renovation this year after months and months of speculation and information leaks. But it starts to look like they were not only poorly timed, but maybe completely inaccurate.

The 8 Series could see minimal design adjustments

Claims from a number of typically reliable sources suggest that Apple has planned a new Apple Watch shape with flat edges and flat cover glass – similar to those on the latest iPhone and iPad models.

When that design didn’t appear this year – with the Apple Watch Series 7 looking a lot like its predecessors, but with a larger screen – the leak was assumed to be based on a future Apple Watch model that could come in 2022.

But according to @LeaksApplePro i iDropNews, Apple’s smartwatch won’t experience major design changes next year either. In fact, we believe the Apple Watch Series 8 will be identical to the Series 7, but with a different speaker cutout.

“I really hope it’s just some kind of early prototype, but based on the CAD I’ve seen and the images sent to me, I really doubt it’s just a prototype,” the report says.

The Apple Watch probably won’t change much

It should be noted that iDropNews there is no particularly great record with rumors about Apple, so it would be good to take these claims with a little salt for now. Having said that, they are not exactly exaggerated.

It certainly wouldn’t surprise us that the Apple Watch Series 8 looks just like its predecessors – or if many of the rumors and reviews surrounding its redesign never come to fruition. They can be based on early prototypes or design possibilities that have since been abolished.

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