The Apple Watch becomes glamorous with gorgeous Goldenerre bracelets

A bracelet unlike any other.
Photo: Goldenerre

Made from premium stainless steel, Goldenerre’s beautiful Apple Watch bracelets quickly transfer any Apple Watch from gray to glossy. They can be accompanied by matching bracelets that are equally beautiful. Get yours today at the Cult of Mac Store.

Let’s face it, the band you got with your Apple Watch is unlikely to go crazy. But turning yours into an amazing fashion piece can be easy and affordable. Take a look at Goldenerre gold bracelets that can make any Apple Watch look magnificent in an instant.

Go for a glam with a Goldenerre bracelet

Goldenerre bracelets come in two dazzling styles — a classic bracelet with a bandage and a hammer bracelet — both made of super-strong, high-quality stainless steel that will easily outlive the Apple Watch they combine with.

Each of them has a unique design by which these bracelets differ from any other. The transformed famous Apple Watch turns into something that looks and feels special. And they are surprisingly comfortable.

They look even more spectacular with a matching bracelet.
Photo: Goldenerre

The straps sit right next to the wrist so they never feel uncomfortable or awkward, and each has four removable hoops that allow them to be shortened for a tighter grip as needed.

Both bracelets are available in silver, gold and pink with matching eyelets, and are compatible with all generations of Apple Watch in sizes 38/40 mm, 42/44 mm and 41/45 mm.

Mix and compare with a Goldenerre bracelet

For a little extra bling, classic hammer and hammer bracelets can be combined with matching bracelets. They are also made of polished stainless steel to an amazing sheen, and cost only $ 55.

The bracelets themselves are available from $ 85, and you can order them today at the Cult of Mac Store.

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