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I’m sorry to have to let you know have reached the peak of Cloth Cloth. I take full responsibility for my own a small part to bring us to this point.

Gag was simple: He looked here and Look with me at another Apple add-on at an unprecedented price! Internet requires clicks, and nothing gets more clicks than something that is extremely expensive when it shouldn’t be. There was, as we say in the shit industry, little.

Don’t get me wrong. Apple polishing cloth the thing is stupid. The $ 19 the glorified microfiber square has now been brought back into oblivion. But after I said my part about fabric, I thought they would slip into a black hole where there are so many forgotten blogs died before that. The news cycle is always spinning, and we as a species have to constantly have fun, get angry or focus on making / sending memes. A silly $ 19 cloth inspires all three, but the internet also has a range of attention like gadf. It’s only a matter of time before Apple introduces the “next” polishing cloth.

I asked my editor, Caitlin McGarry, who came into possession of a polishing cloth from Apple when she reviewed a 27-inch nano-textured iMac last describe the product: “I feel like a luxury, that’s all I can say,” she said. It is bether of a with a microfiber cloth, but not something she would actually spend her money on. This is probably a natural conclusion we should all have come to.

But alas, here we are. iFixit did tearing fabric. (Surprise, it actually is two clothes glued together.) The New York Times published a half-laughing, too-serious investigation into the fabric. It’s here a parody account on Twitter. He’s some asshole for sale on eBay for $ 48, and another asshole will probably buy it. Apple probably looks at all this with confused confusion, patting us on the head for giving it free marketing for something that doesn’t deserve this much attention, counting their billions. From this writing, the fabric was ordered until the beginning of January. You jackals. This is how jokes about polishing fabric were supposed to turn out, and indeed, it was through another Elon Musk tweeted about it.

I wondered why this made me so angry, but I think I got it.

This whole cycle is depressing, the way many things are in the technology media these days as we rush toward our dystopian future of the metaverse. Something is stupid so my bloggers poke fun. Is it our best work? Ohyou most meaningful? Not particularly, but life is hard. Sometimes laughter is what takes you through the day and so you can have as much fun as you can. After all, Google has an algorithm, and if someone is going to pay attention to good things, we have to talk about stupid things too. You do it because good things are the reason you sign up every day, why are you dealing asina’s force you can’t control. You do it because when you do it right, it’s the best feeling in the world, and you’ll chase that feeling until you just can’t anymore.

But stupid nonsense that makes people laugh inevitably becomes distorted into something that should not have been. It is co-opted by Elon Musks from around the world, corporate dingbats with more hair than brains who somehow hold all the power. I, a humble writer, can do nothing about it, even though I have been an accomplice all this time. I just wish we could enjoy some more stupid funny stuff.

Maybe you are thinking: menot so serious. It’s just a $ 19 polishing cloth. But it was never a polishing cloth.

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