The Apple Music app for the LG Smart TV is now available

The Apple Music app for LG smart TVs is available to users today LG is now promoting the app on social media.

The Apple Music app for LG smart TVs allows subscribers to stream over 90 million songs, as well as playlists, radio stations and music videos, without the need for external hardware such as Apple TV. The application also supports “Apple Music” lyrics in real time.

The user interface seems to be very visually similar to the “Apple Music” app for “Apple TV”. The ‌Apple Music‌ app is now gradually expanding to LG users, with a large number of posts on Twitter shows a new application in action.

It’s still not clear exactly which LG TV models support the app, but newer model years are more likely to be supported. Users can find out if they have a supported TV by simply searching ‘pApple Music‌’ in the LG content store.

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