The Apple LA Culver City campus confirmed, but not rumored, the reason

A July report described the search for the Apple LA Culver City campus, and the company today confirmed its plan for a complex with a total area of ​​more than half a million square meters – but did not confirm the rumors about that.

A previous report states that the facility will be used primarily for Apple TV + sound scenes …

Owning ongoing production stages has become critical for streaming services as available sound scenes for rent are regularly booked months in advance.

In order for content production farms to type without delay, streaming companies are increasing the purchase of large sites for their own exclusive use.

The Journal states that Apple CEO Mike Mosallam joined in January 2021 to lead the expansion of the sound scene.

Diversity reports that Apple is currently undecided on the purpose of the facility, but says it will tell us more later.

Apple, signaling its big ambitions in the entertainment industry, is significantly increasing its footprint in LA: The tech giant said it is building two new facilities, along the border of Culver City and the city of Los Angeles, which will serve as its headquarters in the region.

The complex will cover more than 550,000 square meters once completed. An Apple spokesman said it would be a “mixed-use” facility, but had no details on what kind of production studio space would be part of the development.

Construction is currently underway. Apple declined to give an estimate of when the new buildings will be operational. “We are at an early stage of planning and we will have to share more,” the representative said.

The new campus is located along National, Venetian and Washington boulevards, according to Apple. The two buildings will be connected by a “common wall”.

The company currently has a 128,000-square-foot office building in Culver City.

Culver City employees include members of the Apple TV Plus and Apple Music teams, engineers, artificial intelligence / machine learning researchers, and staff in other departments.

This April, as part of Apple’s promise to create 20,000 new jobs in the U.S. over the next five years, the company said it expects Culver City staff to increase to more than 3,000 by 2026 and will expand its ” the situation in the world ”. -artistic campus with additional space for these employees. ”

Not surprisingly, Apple said the new complex will be powered by 100% renewable energy.

The company has so far shared only the above low-resolution single image, which reveals nothing about the interior.

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