The AirTag Competitor Tile comes with the Life360 location sharing app

Tile, known for its range of Bluetooth-based tracking plug-ins that compete with AirTag, is buying the Life360 location tracking service, Tile announced today.

Tile will continue to operate as a standalone brand under Tile CEO CJ Prober, but Tile says that once the acquisition is complete, it will be able to use 33 million Life360 smartphone users to increase Tile’s Finding network by 10x. Tile’s network is equivalent to Apple’s Find My network, which uses nearby devices to locate lost items.

Life360 has what is called a “family safety platform” that allows family members to follow each other using tracking software on smartphones. Parents use it primarily to monitor their children and teenagers, and this has raised privacy concerns.

With the acquisition of Tile, Life360 founder Chris Hulls says Life360 will be able to provide a “comprehensive solution” for locating people, pets and things with multi-platform tracking and a combined object and human tracking service.

Individuals and families will be able to use the flagship Life360 mobile app, a flagship app for families with features ranging from communications to driving safety and location sharing. In addition, people will be able to seamlessly take advantage of Tile’s Bluetooth-enabled retrieval devices, which can equip almost any item – such as wallets, keys or remote controls – with location-based retrieval technology. Tile’s technology is also built into over 50 different third-party devices, ranging from wireless in-ear headphones and earphones through laptops to holsters to dog collars.

Life360’s Tile purchase agreement is estimated at $ 205 million and is expected to close in the first quarter of 2022.

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