The affordable MacBook Air workstation does it with flair [Setups]

With all due respect to some of the top computer settings we’ve looked at here Cult Maca, you don’t have to spend a trillion dollars and a year of your life assembling a highly efficient workstation.

Today’s prominent tune isn’t spiritless and does the job – all at the price of the M1 MacBook Air plus a few hundred bones, more or less.

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Favorable power: M1 MacBook Air and renovated screen

Redditor FoxyFreckles1989 showed off her current gear in a post titled “I’m not angry that I spend 40 hours a week here.” Nor should it be. It’s not like the settings we’ve covered that have dozens of pieces of equipment or serve as a high-end multimedia studio, but it doesn’t have to be.

In addition to the power and portability of the 2020 M1 MacBook Air – the base model of approximately $ 950 has an 8-core CPU, 8 GB of shared memory, 256 GB SSD and 13.3-inch Retina display – it has a renovated monitor that got pretty cheap.

Gently used, the 27-inch LG features AMD FreeSync Premium technology, a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, a refresh rate of 75 Hz and a response time of 5 ms. And the price was certainly right at an unusually low $ 125.

“I’d rather have 4K, but I wanted to spend less than $ 200, and I got it for $ 125 on Black Friday,” she said. “It’s just over $ 200 now (open box) and about $ 230 brand new.”

And now that it has it, it doesn’t miss 4K resolution.

“Honestly? I don’t mind it’s not 4K. The resolution is still great when downloading Netflix and the like! I mostly work on it and do personal things on the MBA display, but sometimes I change it, ”she said.

Not only is the external screen acceptable, but it sounds like it inspires.

“I really love him. It’s huge, it looks nice and it works perfectly with my M1 MBA, ”she said. “I plan to get others to make the right set and mount them both on the wall above my desk (it’s convenient to mount).”

Other cheap choices

Foxy has also saved some money along with other options that seem to work well. Approximate prices of cheap equipment appear below, and links to the product can be found at the bottom of the post.

Monitor lift, laptop stand, ring light

The monitor, for example, sits on a transparent acrylic monitor stand with space underneath for a little storage ($ 43).

The laptop rests on BoYata’s aluminum laptop stand ($ 37), which sets it up so its webcam can be used efficiently for calls in combination with the Shop LC ring light on the desk ($ 26) that rises just behind it.

“It’s a ring light that attaches to a table – or whatever else you want; I attached it to mirrors, counters and chairs – that’s where the clasp for your phone is attached, ”she said. Cult Maca. “I mostly use it as a table lamp and for better lighting when I use Zoom calls, etc. It’s super bright and has several brightness settings, as well as three settings for the warmth of the light itself (cold, warm, yellow). ”

USB microphone

For sound, it uses the popular Blue Yeti USB microphone that you can see on the far left in another photo. A gift from her brother, she uses it to record music and calls it “amazing”. Price? About $ 99.

In this shot, you can see more clearly the equipment, including the ring light, laptop stand, monitor lifter, keyboard, and Ariel Funko Pop figure.
Photo: [email protected]

Energy-saving keyboard, desk and more

Then there’s the keyboard. It’s a Cimetch full-size wireless keeb that costs just $ 26.

“Warm recommendation,” she said enthusiastically. “I’ve had it for about a year and I’ve been using it for at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and I’ve only had to change the batteries once or twice. It is light, quiet, super cute, wireless / Bluetooth and satisfying to type. It has a soft touch and the keys don’t stick. And he never had a problem connecting. ”

The YSagi table mat ($ 8.50) lets you attract the mouse and keyboard to the Bestier L-shaped desk ($ 210), which comes with some shelf options and cable management holes. The ToBeoneer smartphone stand costs about $ 12, and the cute Funko Pop Ariel figurine in the box, a legal part of the installation decoration, sells for about $ 62.50.

And those beautiful lights in the first (above) photo? Brightown “warm white” window curtains. They cost $ 18.

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