The Adonit Neo Duo pen works wonders on the iPhone as well as the iPad

Whether you’re using an iPad, iPad Pro or iPhone, the just released Adonit Neo Duo pen is compatible. Its small writing tip mimics a pen, and the accessory magnetically holds for several iPad models.

It is part of a new series of pens. Adonit Neo has many of the same features as the Neo Duo, but is designed specifically for the iPad. And the cheap Adonit Neo Lite works with all devices with a touch screen.

Adonit Neo Duo is a multi-device pen

When used with an iPad, the Adonit Neo Duo is ready to write or sketch. There is an original palm rejection for easier drawing. It does not use Bluetooth and does not need to be paired with a tablet.

Although it attaches to the side of any Apple Pencil 2 compatible iPad, Adonit accessories are charged via USB-Ca.

Tap the button at the end of the stylus to switch to iPhone mode. The pen then takes the place of the fingertip. The small tip makes tapping or writing more precise than cheap capacitive pens.

The Adonit Neo Duo is available in black and silver on the Adonit website for $ 54.99.

Compatible with iPad Air (3rd / 4th Gen), iPad mini (5th / 6th Gen), iPad (6th / 7th / 8th / 9th Gen), iPad Pro 11 ″ (1st / 2nd / 3rd Gen), iPad Pro 12, 9 3rd (3rd / 4th / 5th Gen) and newer. In iPhone mode, it works with all Apple devices.

Adonit Neo focuses on the iPad

Adonit Neo offers many features of the Apple Pencil, but for less money.
Photo: Adonit

Adonit Neo has the same iPad functionality as the Neo Duo model, but it’s only for tablets – no iPhone mode.

Although it is a simpler device, it still connects to the edge of many iPad models and changes via USB-C. No Bluetooth required.

Fewer features make the pen cost less: at it is $ 39.99. The product is compatible with the same tablets as Neo Duo.

Adonit Neo Lite for everyone

Adonit Neo Lite for everyone
Use Adonit Neo Lite as a fingertip alternative.
Photo: Adonit

Adonit Neo Lite requires no power at all and works with anything with a touch screen. It has a precise tip of the write disc exactly where it is placed. The magnetic cover protects the tip of the pen while not in use.

It also magnetically sticks to the edge of the iPad, as other Neo stylists do. However, no charging is required.

As the simplest device in the new series, the Adonit Neo Lite is available in black and silver on the Adonit website for $ 29.99. Works with any iPhone, Android or tablet with a capacitive touch screen.

“The Neo series focuses on making the daily life of a creator, notebook or professional work simpler and more efficient than ever before. The magnetic attachment of the three pens makes these three products easily accessible, while the functionality of each device makes it easier than ever to create the content you want on any device, ”said Uno Lin, vice president of sales and marketing at Adonit.

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