The 91-year-old grandmother creates amazing masterpieces in Microsoft Paint

Who would have thought that Microsoft Paint could produce this kind of art?
Pictures: Concha García Zaera

Who needs expensive Photoshop subscriptions and fancy drawing hardware? Concha García Zaera’s 91-year-old grandmother creates and sells beautiful and insanely detailed masterpieces using just a mouse and Microsoft Paint.

Zaera’s artwork, compiled using a Windows 7 PC, has attracted more than 300,000 followers on Instagram. It contains everything from serene and colorful landscapes to cute and endearing portraits of pets.

Probably the best Paint artwork you will ever see

Living in Valencia, Spain, Zaera started using Paint about 12 years ago when her children gave her a computer. It became more of a hobby when her husband fell ill, and Zaera found herself more at home, caring for him.

Concha García Zaera art from Microsoft Paint
Zaera draws inspiration from old postcards.
Photo: Concha García Zaera

Zaera also took art classes, but she couldn’t practice real color at home, Digital Synopsis reports. So instead she continued to hone her skills at Microsoft Paint, taking inspiration from postcards sent by her husband.

Concha García Zaera art from Microsoft Paint
The artwork is available for purchase as a print or on a bag.
Photo: Concha García Zaera

What started out as simple sketches of things like houses and mountains turned into surprisingly detailed and incredibly colorful masterpieces that proved incredibly popular among Zaera’s growing followers on Instagram.

Concha García Zaera art from Microsoft Paint
Check out Zaera’s Instagram account for more.
Photo: Concha García Zaera

Zaera, who has been on the covers for her impressive artwork in the past, has her own online store, where she sells her artwork in framed prints for just 19 euros (about $ 22) or on bags for just 23 euros (about $ 26). ).

She also has her own page on Wikipedia, which describes Zaera as “one of the most recognized artists of Spanish pixel art.”

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