The 5G modem designed by Apple will be separated from the A-series chip, and again it is rumored that it will debut in iPhones 2023.

Apple will introduce its custom 5G modem, according to rumors, in the 2023 iPhone models, and the component will not be integrated into the A-series chip device, DigiTimes reports.

In a report with a paid wall published earlier today, interviewed by sources DigiTimes said that 2022 will be the last year when Qualcomm delivers all the modems in the “iPhone” models. After that, iPhone devices are expected to start with 5G chips for the baseband modem designed by Apple itself.

The 5G modem that Apple developed for its 2023 iPhone models is said to be separate from the A-series chip, which is tentatively called the “A17”. This is in contrast to the initial Android devices that want to have custom modems, which supposedly intend to integrate both the cellular processor (CP) and the application processor (AP) directly into the system on the chip (SoC) of the device.

TSMC, a Taiwanese company that currently ships all of Apple’s custom silicone SoCs, is believed to be preparing to ship to Apple with its custom 5G baseband modem.

On its investor day earlier this week, Qualcomm said it expects to ship only 20 percent of Apple’s modem chips in 2023, suggesting that Apple itself will ship up to 80 percent of the 5G modem chips needed for the iPhone starting in 2023.

It is not unreasonable to speculate that the remaining 20 percent of Qualcomm will be in older or initial devices in the 2023 “iPhone” line. On the other hand, the remaining 20 percent could also include devices made for regions where Apple’s 5G modem is not supported.

Apple is believed to have started work on its own internal modem chips, with the goal of moving away from Qualcomm, by taking over Intel’s modem chip business in 2019.

The report is in line with previous rumors that Apple’s modem chip will be ready for launch in 2023.

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