The $ 39 fashion kit turns the iPhone XR into an iPhone 13 with MagSafe support

Tired of the aging factor of your iPhone XR a bit? Make it look like the iPhone 13 and add MagSafe support with this $ 39.50 fashion kit.

The kit includes a complete chassis and tools, so all you need to do is switch the screen and internal components from the existing iPhone. The video below guides you through the process – and shows an impressive end result.

An affordable fashion kit gives the iPhone XR a design upgrade

Let’s face it, the iPhone XR remains a perfectly capable smartphone, so there’s no real need to upgrade for most users. It’s fast, has a great screen and offers features like Face ID and wireless charging.

However, Apple’s cheaper smartphone, which debuted for the first time in 2018, now looks a little long in the teeth. So, if you’ve been sticking to one for a while, you’re probably a little tired of watching the same design.

This $ 39 fashion kit, manufactured without Apple’s approval (apparently) in China, makes it relatively easily turn your iPhone XR into an iPhone 13 that looks like an iPhone 13 – along with MagSafe for charging and connecting accessories.

Turn your iPhone XR into an iPhone 13

The kit includes an aluminum chassis, which is almost identical to the iPhone 13, including glass and an infringing Apple logo. It also comes with all the tools you need to transfer components from your iPhone XR.

The end result does not look like right as a real thing, of course. The iPhone 13 isn’t available in a 6.1-inch version like the iPhone XR, and its windshield is flat, while the iPhone XR has a slight curve around the edges.

Still, it’s pretty impressive, especially when you consider that it costs less than $ 40, and adds MagSafe support. Here’s a video showing the kit – and guides you through the installation process.

You can order the Fanscreate kit yourself for $ 39.50 – plus shipping.

way: ZDNet

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